Lola's Cafe

YooHoo ! Finally got a chance to explore more of the purple line nommy ! Gotten a chance to hit on one of the quite famously cheap cafe; the lola's cafe, located at kovan ! My second time heading to kovan man~ hahahs. It is smaller than what we really expected, and if you want to head there during dinner period, it's always good to make a reservation !  

Having a pretty cozy interior design, with all the yellowish lighting and having great staff to service you ! Their service is really good and friendly despite having a lot of people and the small space for walking around.

Just something I dislike real much about the cafe, I dislike their tables. LOL. As for two people, they will usually allow you to be seated at the wooden table, that looks like a chair and my fries kept dropping on the floor otherwise my leg.

Their food is consider quite afforable, but it really depends. As we ordered this truffle fries which is about $10+, but it's really alot even for the both of us ! The taste of the truffle isn't really strong, so it was alright even for me. Towards the end, it was really salty.

Truffle fries $12 nett

my lover; the cappuccino ! To be real frank, I'm not a coffee lover but I can taste coffee aroma and it was rather smooth, also it really give me a great sense of relaxation :} And I always wanted to know how to draw these latte art :( 

Cappuccino $5 nett 

I actually love the spaghetti or should I say the full load of ingredients ! Hahahas ! Even we both finished the spaghetti, there's still bacon and mushroom ! And with the cream isn't really super thick which might get sick of it. Also, although it has like truffle inside, but I guess the cheese and other ingredients have overtake the truffle taste~ It's a real flavorful dish !

Bacon and mushroom spaghetti in truffle cream sauce $14 nett

The best part of this small cozy cafe is that... It doesn't have GST nor service charge but their service are real good ! So pay some tips in the tips box !

And forever with my joceey ! Kekeke, she just came back from korea, so jealous~ But still loving her deeeeeply ! kekeke ! Not sure why I couldn't just upload the instagram one, but oh well~ The same picture !

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Road
Tel: +65 6343 1808
Tue: 3pm – 11.30pm
Wed & Thu: 10am – 11.30pm
Fri to Sun: 10am – 12 Midnight
Nearest Station: Kovan