New year resolution !

Hi peeps ! I know, I mention I should jot down my new year's resolution in January, but seriously, my life is way to overwhelming with work, projects ! But I'm really sooo glad that yesterday is like the last presentation in my whole poly life ! CAN I LIKE POP A CHAMPAIGN NOW?!

Anyway, I went out with this girl on the new year's eve, because we two are single and free on that night ! HAHAHAH ! Was chit-chatting about what happened on 2014, and what we are actually looking forward to 2015 !

So these are my new year's resolution and really hope that all will come trueee !

1. Get my surgery done before the start of my uni life ! I mean they will eventually know I had this surgery done, but I don't want them to feel that like, "eh, this girl looks different. She go do plastic surgery uh?" Also, the surgery should be successful, cause I still have many things to do in my life ! LOL

2. Successful gotten a full-time job, and part-time uni. Its not going to be easy, but its gonna be worthy. Actually... I don't even know whether its true, but my parents already declare for independent upon poly graduation, thus, I have to find a way with that. Currently, looking out for courses that I will be interested. Looking into HR course, and other than that, I'm currently interested in psychology. But I have to study till master :( ! So... I must decide properly !

3. Get real true friends, is it just me or what? Sometimes I feel that I'm not really with like true friends, just mingling with "friends". If you get, me.

4. Travel more ! I have booked my bali trip and taiwan trip ! yay ! So this page will be slightly more colourful with overseas pictures ! Sad to say, my nxmini is down yet again and need to repair it, hopefully this will be the last time. Might get a new compact camera, but I will see how its goes. #ifimrichenoughthough....

5. Pick up new language, and brush up my english. I bet this is like the new year's resolution that everyone want me to jot down. Yes, I'm careless with my typo errors and bad in my grammar. So I will be more more more cautious with my typing on this page ! Please help me, if you spot any alright ! hahahs ! And the longest time ever, I will learn korean soon ! hahahs

I think 5 should be enough for the whole year, not forgetting a healthier lifestyle and a happier life !