The must in Bali !

Hello people I'm like back~~~~ After a week *ahem* so hardworking ! Hahahs ! Wanted to blog this out like zillion years ago, but I decided to sort out all my personal stuffs before blogging ! So here you go a must do in Bali !

Talking about Bali, where will think of.....

Villa ! 
Villa Jepun Seminyak Bali

Pardon the little blur pictures taken by my mum ! But We stayed in Villa Jepun Seminyak Bali ! The villa was like the last one and we hurry booked it ! It's really quite cozy, having a king size bed at lv 1, and a toilet, together with a big living room and dining table and kitchen. 

Then, the second level has 3 rooms with king size bed, and 1 room with 2 single size beds, and the fastest legs win. So my sister and I gotten the one with balcony, and my elder sister with my another cousin gotten the one with the toilet. hahahas 

Breakfast is provided, they do not have much choices, only bali style or american style. In addition, the Wifi is pretty week but hey, I managed to upload some Instagram pictures ! ;) Also, the walkway into the villa is pretty dark, but the outside of the villa is streets selling food, 7-eleven and the pretty cool restaurant that we hang in for some pool games. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE MASSAGE SHOP THERE, AT THE STREET. IT'S SOOOO BAD !

Water activities ! 

We went to the waterbom park in the morning, and complete all the rides before afternoon, not really a lot of rides, but some of them are really quite thrill ! I tried the free-fall one, and it's like OMG, I'M STILL YOUNG YOU KNOW ?! I DON'T WANNA DIEEEEE ! But ya, I ride it twice ._. HAHHA It's soooo crazy and fun ! Their staircases need to maintain, as there will be a lot of steps ! When we went, 3 rides are maintaining, and opening in Dec if I didn't remember wrongly. They have some stalls selling food too, but we went out to the shopping mall in front of it, and ate..... A& W ! I missed you sooo much you know, rootbeer float?! hahahhs ! The chicken is impressively different from the ones in Singapore, it's soooo much nicer !  The ticket is USD 33 for adults, check their web for more info ! They open all day, from 9am to 6pm ! 

Jl. Kartika PO BOX 1055 Tuban

Kuta - Bali 80361


Sea Sport ! 
At Tanjung Benoa Beach

Perhaps the most friendly user guide over HERE ! Do Read !! 
Please try to convince them you are singaporean, they have different pricing list to chop people. Do ask for the ones in IDR listing, and you could pay in USD ( if the currency is on your advantage). When we were there, sadly the waves are so freaking huge, which means the water will be like blurry but fishes swim real close to you ! I did a video, but it's a little blurry to post it online~ hahahs~

Each activity is about $20 on average, and you could bargain, so ya~ you know what you should do ! Hahahs, we spend half day there before the sun kill us X.X

At Pantai Pandawa

A real clear blue sea which has super huge waves, and there are many shops there too ! They sell mainly tourists items and beach stuffs *like duh* hahahhs ! A real good place to take #OOTD, and a place to just hang your hearts around, pretty far from where we stay but it's worth it, and there are not many people in the morning !


At Street food

Literally at a corner of the street, didn't ask our driver where it is but it's soooo GOOD ! I mean whenever you go a country, you should try their local food right? Their satay sauce are like god-made, and this avocado with the coconut nectar is daebak (awesome) haahhs ! We ate whole table of dishes, which aren't expensive at all. It used to be some place where the Caucasian love to hang out at, until the unfortunate bomb landed in Bali which here now before quieter than before.

At Ganesha

It's like one of the kind experience, because you are stepping the sand, and eating real fresh seafood that you could pick from the tank ! People there are soooo friendly, there are band walking around singing so we of course have the pleasure to sing us "xiao ping guo" in chinese version and "rude" ! Like they can be sooo updated ! hahahs


Not sponsor or what, but jojo is really damn friendly ! We engage him by another tourist which suck cause he is damn businessman, but jojo is really like bringing us around and introduce us the real bali food ! So if you guys going bali, call jojo for your personal driver, for the whole day. You can email him for the rates and all, I promise u, he's real good and safe driver. hahahs


At Oleh Oleh

oleh oleh is one of the most famous place to shop in, they are like... hypermarket for shopping goods ! You could see the picure yourself, I gotten the damn good biscuit eggtart which I miss it sooo badly now ! Their prices are acceptable, so if you wanna get souvenir for your friends, then this is the place !

Lastly, the must or not really the must, is the temple.
At uluwatu temple

The temple is more like a sightseeing, because we couldn't get in to the real temple but only around it. But it's super pretty to see those crashing waves, so perhaps you might want to come. We didn't go the one that the bridge will be flooded with water during high tide, as it's raining and it's pretty far ! You could get to see sunset here, but we didn't as it rained and the clouds are covering the sky, so it was a waste. But we could always come again right?

Glad that I managed to blog about it despite being real busy and coming up next is my vlog, #yesIdidthefilmingalready ! See you next time !