Day 1: Thailand Trip ♥


woke up as early as 4am to prepare everything and go to Thailand :) mad excited ! Day 1, we went around shopping, and had dinner at 78th floor; buffet :) it's really yummy and also very fun to walk to the hotel, elaboration later. pictures please ! :D

art lesson: 4.30am

hospital or airport?!

oh my god, air ticket is like receipt; ! it's really budget airline

THAT the cool thing :D

meanders ! lolx

can u spot that dog? no?! okay, look the next pic

prepared to sell noodles

singapore looks much better with wires underground !

okay, went to platinum mall and had our lunch.from day 1, i noticed that all malls in thaliand need to use coupon and even this card, if u want your money back, u have to return the card.
both cost 40Baht, see the differences ! hahahs

and it's not even full...

preview of flat ! :D

my sister rushing to sleep on the bed !

interested to buy the flat?!  go to thailand and stay in grand diamond hotel, with starbucks at the lobby !

with this pretty picture ! 3D !

went to black canoyon cafe :)

mummy's coffe, after drinking that small coffee !

went to pray the four-faced god :D

and also elephant god ! this is just the small cute one ! is....

went back hotel after praying, as we woke up so early. so we had our siesta. when it's about 7pm, we started walking towards the 78 floor hotel, and the weather seemed cold but we still walk slowly, out of the sudden it's raining cats and dogs ._. what is this man ! we are dressed nicely and excited to have our dinner ! but are already it the middle of both hotels, so we just continued walking in front without looking back. we tried to hide as much as we can ! and i use the bag to be my umbrealla,smart right ! :D

had a lot yummy food with nice scenery

then we went up another floor, which have this ! mummy said it's new :)
suggested by the robot and not me ! so is he/she act cute okay ! XP

end of day 1 :)

and oh !

tata ! :D

more pictures can be found at facebook ! look up for my link !

credits: some pictures is my sisters :)