Day 2 : Thailand Trip ♥


day 2 of Thailand trip, woke up super late :3 and had breakfast at my hotel ! yummy yummy or should i say i love to eat ? pictures time ! oh, this is my room and my parent's room, and that corner is our corner.

then we went shopping ! shopping shopping shopping ! but didn't really got a lot of clothes but gifts :D

my second sister said that all our picutres is just smile, so i make this epic

daddy bought this !

"i'm busy leave me alone ! ", he is just shitting ! hahahs
that blue heart is my birth stone ! (Y)

our dinner is simply staying at the hotel and get some road-side food ! which is damn yummy and cup noodles as mummy said save the money for tomorrow sea games !

so day 2 is simply and relax, and day 3 is super super fun ! stay tuned ! :D