Day 4 : Thailand Trip ♥


Day 4, we went to floating market and it's really cool when we reached there after 2hrs of ride. For your information, the van is driving at 200km/h and still we need 2hr to reach there, and i kept wake up and sleep back then wake up again.

some pictures i took in the floating market :)

 adv in a taxi ! we went to both :)

prepare to go to the floating market and sell their food

cuteee !

 see those steep staircase !
 when to the temple by boat and it's included in the boat fair to the floating market.

 we are given some gold sticker and we sticked on the buddha :) mad excited,as we have to climb the stairs up to the biggest one !

they burned a temple just because they wanna shift the other one to that location. 
 who say black and white can't be together?
 this uncle damn cute, ask me whether we are from taiwan. then when i say singapore,
and his reaction is like "ohhhh, singapore ! "

after going into the temple, it's time for us to return back to where we started

 washing the dishes
画蛇添足,which mean adding unnecessary thing on a snake which is the four legs.

after going to the floating market, we took another 30mins to some places where do handcraft which is really pretty. let me show u !
 hand craft !

start with a sketch

tata ! final product ! :D

cool tree that use its roots to hold the soil firmly,that is why deforestation cause soil erosion !

then we sat another 2hr of ride to cha-tu-cha

thai style of noodles, quite yummy :D

and cha-tu-cha, is really big and we are kinda lost ! notice, it only open at weekend, how relax is their lifestyle ! lolx. then we went to some mall by tutu, which is a moto style of taxi. didn't took picture of it.

and we took mrt back to some shopping center, the weird thing is that their mrt is really short for no reason, and it's damn squeeze as it's convenient without any traffic jams but it's short :(

 this epic picture is i found out at my sister's photo album and decided to blog ! lolx

and we drank this after Thai massage ! damn nice man !

and had super nice dinner, which is seafood !

it's really delicious and expensive :O

end of Day 4 ! :D smile