Day 3 : Thailand Trip ♥


day 3, today it's really very fun. but the worst thing is to wake up as early as 6am :( and i woke up at 4.30 ! singapore is one hour faster than thailand, and i forget my itouch is singapore's timing and i set 5.30 happily,since girls used toilet much longer ! so i woke up first after getting annoyed by my elder sister for not going to bathe , and to my surprise, it's just 4.44am ._. how cool ?! so i slept back to bed,even with my contact lens !

and we are going to beach today ! mad excited, until we reached there...

 when we reached there, they said no motoboat or any sea games as there is big waves and they are afraid that it's tsunami. there goes all my hopes for exciting games...

 after i took this picture, everyone look HERE

prepare for tsunami ! there is a lot of bag of sands !
cozy !
daddy wanted to buy coffee, but end up he didn't as he said the man put too much milk and sugar ! like LOL, cause he walked front and back,front and back.

then he "fly" to the shopping mall behind and went to mac and get coffee.

u want 2 piece chicken or 7 cone of ice cream ?! hahahs

so after i took the first picture, everyone started to look at the notice !
and we have to sit another 30mins to the pretty garden which i forget the name !

made up of CONES !
sweet man ! :D

sleeping ?! hahahs !
snatch my limelight !

elephant perform !

and i got carried by one of the elephant, as the people told me to volunteer so me and cheryl did :)
and she is like sitting on a swing as for me is kind of like when i refuse to go and the guy just have to carry u by putting u over his shoulder?! ya, that is what i felt when i got carried up !

and we had seafood for dinner ! :D yummy yummy, too hungry and i didn't take any photos, but wait for the last day which have awesome nice seafood !