trip to china with parents (part 2) ♥

day 2:

breakfast was buffet :) but there was nothing much left as we were quite late

90% mine :X and obviously i gain weight after this trip *faint*

 have u watched those old chinese drama where they have this lollipop candy called bing-tang-hu-lu? this is that lollipop candy ! it's super super super super sweet ! ahhhh~ hahahs

so they worked again and i started my own activity which is walking around and zilian :X

our lunch ! quite yummy but the noodles is super spicy !

 so night time we went to have some massage at the next door hotel, as my daddy say their the message is better. but only condition, must wear shorts. and i wore fbt walking a 300m to the next hotel under the temperature of 12-16. everyone that walked pass me looked at my legs again, and they were like saying,'that girl is not cold?' and obviously i'm ! hahahs

 so started off with some milk bathing for my legs while the lady helped me message my back, super relaxing !
 then foot massage, which is not painful ! i think singapore has the best foot massage as it is really painful but kinda shiok after the massage ! hahahs
 after massaging, they put ginger which i can't take the burning effect and i told the lady to take it off me after shorty 5mins ! my legs are totally red, like cooked prawns ! 

afterwhich we wanted to chill in starbucks,but their starbucks is not 24hours so we headed back to our hotel and had a peaceful night while i can't sleep and think of lots of craps that cause headed to me the next day :(

day 3: worst day in my trip :((

so i woke up at 6am preparing to go another side of china which i totally regret due to the traffic jam. okay, my drawing suck but i need some diagram to explain alright. so from the bus stop, it jam for an hour to the location of the bus, as the junction as no traffic light as it is packed with cars. the cars that go from right to left simply don't wanna let the cars that move from bottom to top move. and this hour is totally horrible, that stupid little baby cried like nobody business ! i was like having headache and that baby kept crying non-stop, i almost walked to the baby and slap her ! lolx, but obviously i didn't !

reaching there feeling cold and almost dying feeling. finally reached a korea cafe which lighten my mood a little :)

my parents said it was a korea cafe so they ate ramen but i ate pasta due to some influence of my drama ! :P
super super yummy !

and our tea break after shopping at there :D 

 we went to my parents' friend's house again for steamboat but i didn't take my itouch along with me so now pictures !

last day:
the day i woke up the latest and hate to leave the bed but i still went to brush teeth slowly ! teehee
had buffet and went to catch the plane boat. there was really cold as the sea wind blow but i continue to endure while watching my movie :}

can't get what is my daddy doing? he is simply funny as i said my nose is super cold and feel like dropping out so he said do this :) hahas !

when reaching hong kong's airport we went to the lounge again :) hong kong's lounge is better as it is super big and has mcbook :O hahahs

 this guy looks like the old man in the movie "up" !

 this is quite special as you have your own little space without anyone beside you ! i love this :D

 the cute little korea girl ! she is super innocent and cute ! teehee :}

 i watched the smurfs ! mad nice, then i listen to some songs, like CNblue :D and super junior !

 i forget to take main course but is duck rice then my dessert !
 reached home like finally and i went to look for my babies ! :D