trip to china with parents (part1) ♥

had an no so awesome time with parents to china because they simply walked too fast and i didn't have much time to shop :(

but still enjoyed myself pretty much there :) photos speaks a thousand words so i should spam photos instead of spamming words !

day 1 !

we took the midnight flight to hong kong and the best part is that we are able to sit the business class ! :DD
and my parents have membership card for cathay pacific and we are able to go into the lounge which is the picture shown below:

we are waiting to board the plane so mummy and i took some epic pictures because she said she looks fat and i try to modify my face by breathing in and out ! hahahs

we board the plane super soon and capture some of the yummy food !


 main course: (lamb steak)
 drink: (champagne)

dessert: weird taste cake ? hahas
 and i watched alice in the wonderland which is simply awesome as it is one of my childhood memory ! i loved to read the storybook ! but i didn't finish the movie as i fall asleep after awhile which is 3am !

woke up at 5am and reached the hong kong airport but it is way too early for any buses to be there so we decided to sleep in the airport ! okay, i'm kinda funny but i actually like the feeling of sleeping at the airport ! hahas !
slept for an hour and off we go to take bus to our hotel which is damn damn damn far but is considered short to them....

my yellow boyfriend said he wanted to go too, so i brought him along ! :) hahas

so after two hours of car ride, finally reached hotel !

so i do love the hotel room as it is super super big :D totally love their water heater, it is the only warm thing i experienced in china ! the weather is mad cold !

after which they work as i watched my drama, 49days ! will blog about it later ♥

at night we went to some super awesome apartment for dinner, which is my parents' friend's house. they are like mad rich, they builded a 13floor building and they rented out 9 floors which 4 floors belong to them !

the 13th floor:

 this white wine is super super hot, as when u have your lip touched on the wine, your lip will be numb then the heat will spread into your throat. super super mint ! X.X hahahs ! that's why the cup is mini size !

 super nice dinning room right !

then we went back hotel and sleep ! the bed is mad comfortable