Mummy's 11th leap year birthday celebration ♥

so my pretty mummy was born today, yes yes 29th feb ! for everyone is one extra working day or just a normal day but for my family is celebrating my mummy's birthday ! it's really awesome to have my mummy's birthday on this day ! celebrating once every 4 years is really pathetic but it's cool and special :)

still remember we celebrated our 9th birthday together. and today she's only 11 while i'm 17, am i aging fast :( hahahs~

anyway, we had a BBQ and karaoke for her  ♥ ♥  ♥
photos spamming time ! :}

daddy and godpa BBQ all the night !

note to everyone, please don't get oyster for bbq ! it's super troublesome to open it ! we open it at a rate of 3 in half and hour *faint*

daddy's friend ! cute right ;)

other than BBQ we have buffet too ! but it's only okay okay except for the dessert ! nom nom !

this is super nice ! made by my cousin's boyfriend mother ! all the nonya kueh made by her are normally yummy ! 10/10 !

photos before cake cutting !

there comes the cake !

 translate:  dear mummy,happy birthday. we forever and always love you ♥

love my family ♥ Family ends with ily ;) ♥