malaysia trip

i went to malaysia last week for 3D2N and it was indeed memorable :')
Being the youngest, obviously i don't know what they are talking all the time, but they tried to communicate too !
okay, let the pictures do all the talking ya ~

day 1 !

 grandma's garden !
 daddy and auntie
 anan and didi :)

 the house of the bird nest's bird. okay, i don't know what is the bird la~ hahas
 dinner place ! yummy :D

 ktv at home !

the best is that after all those singing and a little drinking, my tummy started to roar :( then i thought their house will have instant noodles like mine ! but they didn't. so the grandpa drove me on a motorbike to the nearby stall for nasi lemak ! yummy ! really great people and i love sitting on motorbike !

day 2 !

 my best friend ! hahahs

 waiting to go to the national park? hahah

 mummy taking out the seeds of the plant and it's really yummy leh ~ like dragonfruit ! but the smaller version !

 BIG umbrella !

 the food we ate O.O LOL !
BACK home :D

 grandma cooking all the dishes ! yummy :D

an an only 1.5years old and she drink 100plus ! omg cute ~ lolx
she went to the fridge with me, and want me to open it so i did, and she took out 100 plus! omg~ hahas

day 3 ~

had lunch then went to the beach

 on lorry ~
back home~ then we went back to singapore.
really enjoyed days there, expect those mosquitoes bites ! so i confirm that O+ is much sweeter than A+ ! hahahs