Hada Labo 3 in 1 Ultra Hydrating Gel

Looks what came to my doorstep last week~~ 

It's the 3 in 1 Ultra Hydrating Gel ! This hydrating gel is 3 in 1 ?! Did you just say we can save so much more time and jump into bed and hugggggg my big stitchy ?! 

And really thank Hada Labo for the cute duper cute panda eye mask ! And of course the sleeping mask !

Having a sleeping 24hours hydrating mask will be so much better than having a mask on ! Because you can wash this way after you are awake, but the mask = wait for 15minutes and crawl out of bed to throw everything away ! Even your sleep 

So having a sleeping mask is soooo much better ! 

And 90% of Singaporeans does not have enough sleep with is super duper important ! *ahem* Mine is due to projects (excuses)

And huge panda eyes are out, also when you have little sleep = dehydrated skin !
Habo Labo, help m skin pleaseeee~~~~

Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself. During these optimal seven to nine hours of sleep, the body is rested both physically and mentally from a day’s activities. As such, many hair, face and body products are most effective overnight as the body absorbs it better. Hada Labo introduces the new Hada Labo Perfect Gel to replenish the skin’s moisture while you sleep.

Being all essence, cream and mask at once (3-in-1), the Hada Labo Perfect Gel is also suitable for daily use with the ability to provide 24 hours deep moisturizing effect with its five main ingredients.

The Hada Labo Perfect Gel has a rich cream texture that is non-sticky, allowing your skin to feel light even after applying. Its versatility and effectiveness has won the hearts of so many women that it is No.1. Sales in ‘All-in-One’ gel product segment in Japan.

3 Types of Hyaluronic Acid for deep and long-lasting moisturization:

1.  Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 6l of water per gram, providing intense moisture to the skin when applied
2. Super Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 2X as much water than Hyaluronic Acid per gram, providing maximum moisturization.
3. Nano Hyaluronic Acid is able to penetrate deep into the skin, providing long lasting and deep moisture to the skin.

4. As the body’s collagen levels decline, the skin starts to age with wrinkles, large pores and poor skin clarity. The Hada Labo Perfect Gel contains collagen to provide firm, elastic and wrinkle-free skin.

5. Skin that lacks ceramide is often dry,irritated, and often easily affected by the sun and dust in air. Hada Labo Perfect Gel help to hold and repair the surface skin cells together for a healthy, smoo

My thoughts, my review:

Its do not have a very strong smell, which is actually good, as you won't not want to sleep and keep smelling some fragrance or smelly stuff ! Also, it is really quite light when apply on your face, I mean you own feel like your face going to drag on the floor~ hahahs. Lastly, it is really hydrated after you wash your face in the morning !!! 

  However, I don't like it when something stick on my face, I mean I don't feel comfortable even with BB cream or foundation on ! And I believe you shouldn't mask daily, because it's like over pamper your face !

So I will rate a~~~~~~~ 3.5/ 5 !

So I should sleep early now, sleep well and goodnight my sweetheart. So sorry for the delay of posts !

P.S/ Mucks and sleeep well pretty