Fat Boy, skinny us

Hello peeps ! I have been real busy after the start of holiday with a maximum of 6 hours of sleep per day, and my panda eyes are like totally round up my eyes ! And I trying to blog everything that in 2013, to be in 2013.

And the last day of school, I decided to skipped my gsm and join my favourites to fat boyyyy ! Been wanting to go there but it only open at 4pm ! Which is like omgggg, cause we like 15minutes early, and no, they won't allow you to sit it. So please wait till 4pm, then go there.

Fat boy having the "clubbing" zone type, especially towards the night, and they even got a smoking zone outside the restaurant. And having that in mind, their menu is also quite different, especially there is this one who is called "mighty mighty meatballs - pork and beef meatballs drenched in our house gravy and topped with bechamel and chopped bacon...."  And I don't know why they make their menu sound quite disgusting. hahahahs~ Maybe must suit the fat boy mood.

Also, Fat boy is pretty famous for customize your own burgerrrr ! It's like subway, with more sauces.

 And being a little lazy to customise, I actually order the wimpy which is so freaking sinful, because it's actually is super duper biggggg fat ass, and mine is like the biggest among all ! GOSH, WHAT HAVE I ORDERED !

 Wimpy - $14.50

It consist of big chuck of beef patty, which are handmade, with egg, baconnnnns and cheese. Sinful enough? hahhahas ! But it's quite delicious, just that the patty isn't as juicy as what I have tried it in Triple O's, also you will have difficulty in eating it ! I believe that the sesame bun will be the best choice, because the honey oak and another one doesn't really taste as well compared to the sesame buns, and they do pan girll their buns before serving you !  

Overall I would rate: 2.5/5, because the serve it's really up to the standard and their food taste quite alright, it's really awesome delicious, but I guess it would be quite a good place to chill, as they serve beers too !

Some group shot with my favourites ! *love* how I hope they faster return and we all can hang out before 2013 end !

And my unplanned denim couple ! kekeke