Memories path of 2013

So not gonna having top 10 for 2013, but having some pieces and bites of my 2013. 2013, a year that I grow; grow wiser, grow independent and grow not to take everything into heart. 

I learn to accept comments positively, accept to change myself instead of waiting for my surrounding to change. Instead of being super lazy, I'm still lazy but it's getting better, at least I get up to drink water. Hahahahs

Tried to put a little make up, and hoping that my double eyelid just naturally come out instead of using the double eyelid tape, simply because, it's freaking hard to paste on my left eye. LOL. Also, trying to cover my panda eyes 101 times, because my dark circles just way too dark. I need to sleep more. Hahas

And joining more events and knowing more people. Also, I lovvee food tasting, because I realise I enjoy judging, judging on food ! Hahahahs ! Usually, I hate going events, because I'm those awkward people who don't know how to start a conversation. Trust me, yes I'm talkative but I can't start a convo. But then, heading to events making me feel awkward at the start but alright in the end, because I will talk to at least one person, hahahahs !

And thanks to my oven getting fixed, and having almost all the ingredients at home. I get to bake so much more stuff and times, MACAROONS, CAN U LIKE JUST SUCCESS AND I CAN BAKE TIRAMISU ?! Hahahahas. But still I love baking at home, simply because... I love pastry and baking at home left no oily floor and you can do everything slowly, not like cooking. Kekeke.

And getting to work at polaris, a nonsense companyy, but a great bunch of people ! Always having fun at work, always watching running man and eating supppper together ! Although there's only me and joyce, and obviously the guys would be closer to one another, but still, I love her accompany ! hahahas ! Someone who sleep at 10pm, end up eating supper with us at 10pm. saranghey !

And of course, my favourittteee girl ! Although we hardly meet now, but you know I constantly stalking you right ! hahaahs ! It's realllly great how we can depend on each other so much, and getting sooo high when we talking about blogging ! hahahahs ! Really hope that we could have more outing at 1.1.14 !

A second time of OBS, a brand new experience all over again. It's great to have two watch always being together, it's great that we all pull each other to reach what we have to do and get it done together. It's great that we all still say hi-bye whenever we meet in school. Although, this kind of friendship will fade easily, but those memories we have will always be there.

And a new gang who make me feel so skinny, hahahas ! The mission challenger, ensure me that I'm brave enough to run in the dark in school (gee, now I still think it's creepy) , fast enough to run away from the others, smart enoough to find hideout places. And fun enough to be inside mission challenger, they are the people who constantly spam my whatsapp, constantly meet up and constantly care for one another.

Although I love new gang of people, I love the old ones too ! YTSA, 4E1, my bros and sexiess. Even time is little, everyone has their own schedule but I'm glad that we still meet up like once a year? Having a great time with them even though we don't meet up much, this is what true friends are right?

 Familllly, 2013 is like a family year, we all grow alot together, bond together so much more and having my elder's cousin wedding, being a bridemate is so fun !

Been crying out loud that I'm not heading anywhere, except home for this holiday, but then come to think about it. I went to genting and china in 2013, where everyone busy studying and I go overseas, sway or what?! hahahhas ! That's what my friend decided to comment when I complaint I have never been overseas this year !

And having a new cliqueeee of people; the favourites in my life. We are like the "rich" people, because we always head to expensive places, hahahahahs ! But it's like once a holiday and holiday we work, so it doesn't hurt much. Glad to have them in my life, always telling me to skip class, study for exams and overslept together ! Love my little yeenah for those morning calls and the whole clique for the funnnn and gossipy times ! kekeke ! #Notbiased anymore

Lastly, the one I love the most. Ah ma, it's been so many months, till I lost count how many times I cried because I miss you. I love you, and I hope you are happy up there. Blessing us, loving us. No matter how many years have gone by, you will always be in my heart. I promise. It would be a better 2013, if you are here with me.

Also, thank you everyone who read my blog. Because of you all, I have gain confidence in blogging, because of you all, I have the will to blog no matter how late it's and because of you all, I enjoy this path and blogging may seems easy, but it isn't always easy to have great readers that makes you have a better journey. Thank you *loveee + grateful*