FIT uP, Fats Down

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Always lack of motivation to head for a run? Always wanted to tone up but just don't know how? Always say you want to exercise but end up sitting on your sofa and feel so lazy? 

Now, stop being lazy and FIT Start with California ! You will really feel so much motivated by your personal trainer, and benefit your personal custom-built fitness training program with your goals in mind. The trainer there know the exact strategy to achieve your goals in the fastest and safest way, from devising a balanced nutritional regimen up to a customized fitness training program to get you the results you want, whether it is to slim down, bulk up, de-stress or improve fitness levels.

So what are you waiting for? Join me with my journey here !

See millions of people here with you and you will feel the motivation to kick start, also, when I take the lift, there is like sooo many people heading up to the 8th floor. Yes, all for the work out !

FIT Start:

You will be assign to one of the fitness professional and not to worry that they aren't good enough, because all of them are so professional as they all are so toned up ! The FIT Start program includes introduction to the Xpress Zone circuit of resistance training equipment, providing a basis upon which to build a personalized fitness program.

To attend your FIT Start program, simply check-in at the Personal Training reception at your nearest California Fitness gym. If you have not booked a FIT Start training session yet, please call your preferred club and make an appointment today!

First up; The dangerous machine ! 
Okay, it isn't dangerous, but it is just the weight, body mass and body fat mass machine ! It also diagnosis you BMI, metabolism rate and what are the fats or muscles mass you have to increase/ decrease ! So it's like a exam paper :O !

And the patience trainer will arrange what type of Fit up session you are more suitable for to reach your target, for mine, which I want to tone up, he arrange TRX.

TRX is the use of heavy-duty nylon webbings attached to wall brackets, TRX utilizes your own body weight to build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. If you are interested in this highly effective, intensive training program, look no further than our team of TRX-certified personal trainers to help you get started.


TRX- bring the boys out~ Hahahs, sudden remember SNSD- the boys. Yes, obviously must tone up, and you can bring the boys out~

Some action pack stuff we did for the session. Pardon that ugly, serious, damn tired looking face ! hahahahs ! But I just want to achieve that full toned up session and I even need to breathe properly because there is a personal trainer keep looking at you . His face is like *I'm watching you* hahahahs ! But it's obviously good because you have a personal trainer to make sure everything is perfect !

And this is the one I FEEL LIKE DYING ! Because it's like lifting up all my fatS, and my legs even tremble but it's worth it for some good toned arms and core !

And the most burden squats because I think this is the one which ache my tights for like a whole day ! Omo, but no pain no gain right ! *Hwaiting*

A personal trainer doesn't only push your legs when you are not in place, but also... *looks below*

Did it with you, so you can full understand how to do that shit ! Hahahah ! And I'm like howwwww howwww. And he explain everything in detail and demo for you ! kekeke ! Ya, I'm those kind of student when he demo at the start, I didn't pay attention but he's willing to explain it over again !

After which, we have a mini session of saying our stamina, where we really work out and other stuff about working out in California which allow you to feel so motivated to be fit ! And this is my fitness kakis for the day ! So thanks god that I know them beforehand and no awkward situation and the pictures and taken by them ! *much love*

And a selca of myself ! Kekeke ! A acne care on my face, can you spot it? Hahahas ! And, feeling so energy drained and legs sore !

Fact: You just need 1hr of correct workout which allow you to tone your body in the what you wanted ! Now you know you don't have to be extreme workout at home, or in your gym when you can just spend an hour right at California !

And the pretty us after the whole workout session ! A slippy sloppy outfit because... I wear this to school like always ! haahahs !

P.S/ Exercise and keep you body right is for life, you want to stay healthy or fatty? Your Life, Your Choice. You choose.