Deepavali X Paranoia

Hi peeps ! So this had past a month or even more, and it's like O.O Because I have spend like a few months doing.... A LOT OF THINGS ! Hahahas ! And it's like freaking fast than it's like less than few weeks to a new year, and I have don't have any preparation for a new year, but somehow I want to escape this year, a scary heartbreaking year.

Anyway, went to vijaya house for the second time to celebrate deepavali~~~ Was like soooo excited to eattttt again, and yes, it was like a day after spooktacular and so glad that I can climb up from my bed and have some light makeup !

Kekeke, yes, we always eat with handssss. And this timeeeee, I am the slowest eater again ._. Just couldn't expert this man ! hahahahs ! But it's still fun !

And some pictures with my girls, before I head back to school for another activity, busy me at that point of time !

Tata, changed and ready to run ! Perhaps it's after spooktacular, heading for paranoia feel like nothing to me ! hahaahahs ! seriously became soooo much braver, I actually just don't like cheap scares in movies and maybe that's all~ I'm perfectly fine with "ghost" WALKING, not flowing, in front of me. Hahahahs !  

And one of our mission with the vampire, we are like forcing it to take picture with us ! hahaahs

And of course the vain girls in MC ! hahahs ! We actually spammed so much more, but these all are in my phone, so I just took it ! Kekekek

P.S/ Survive this week, and I will be freeeeee from school, but not projects. Sigh