Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas peeps ! I actually really super love Christmas, even though I'm not a christian and who say must be a christian to celebrate christmas?!

Christmas; a season of giving. I loving receiving, but also giving to people that I loved, to show them how I appreciate them being a part of my life, in that chapter. And I didn't really celebrate christmas, till when I'm primary 6. My family head over to korea for holiday and we stayed in my mum's friends house, only there is the husband and the wife, both friendly people.

And that year, we have a pre-christmas celebration, where my mum's friends bough sushi and the mini christmas tress and celebrate christmas with us. Even it's just take away sushi, and some soju, but that time, it's seems like the happiest moment, as we really celebrate the christmas with people we loved, and having fun together.

Also, on that vacation, I saw snow, real snow. Had snow fight, build snowman, still having the innocent childhood days :)

Maybe, my christmas may not be the real reason of celebrating christmas. But I still feel that christmas is a day for everyone to get together and celebrate it together.

Anyway, Merry christmas, and heading out soon for christmas :)