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Helllllo FOODIES ! Missing my food post ;) kekeke, so sorry for the packeddddddd period which makes me feel so guilty not treating my tummy some good food and you all too ! So to make me feel better, not being sinful alone. I shall introduce you all to Wan He Lou

As you all know that Chinese New Year is around the corner, yes, next year's Chinese New Year is on the 31th January 2014, and other than new clothes, angbao and bian nian, maybe most of us would also think of places to have our reunion dinner, as Chinese New Year means reunion dinner. Perhaps, some of us would have steamboats in our house, but I bet many would head out to eat, despite being a large families or simply just you and your partner. 

And be glad that Wan He Lou would love to cater your needs and wants to give both your stomach and family some loves and care.

Wan He Lou is Cantonese restaurant that serve you merely great food, but also cozy vintage Chinese restaurant feeling and great friendly service. And you know what is the best part?..... *scroll down*

IT'S GST AND SERVICE CHARGE FREEEEEE !!!! NO, THIS IS NOT COFFEE SHOP NOR HAWKER CENTER, even hawker center also have GST charges included. THIS IS A GRAND CHINESE RESTAURANT ! Can you see your pocket being a little fatter while eating more?!

I really love the setting inside the restaurant, even it's a little plan, but those big lantern lights just makes you feel comfortable, together with the mini small picture frames of their dishes.

So, we are the white rats to make sure that it's worth it or not to visit Wan He Lou, I will not lie on anything regarding food ! Having the honor to taste the 5 course CNY Set Meal, which will launch on 1.1.2014, and some of their famous a la carte items

5 Course CNY Set Meal ($88.00 for 2 Pax)

Shark's fin soup with crab meat and conpoy:

A Soup represent how well the Chinese restaurant carry out their name, because it isn't easy to have a soup that meet everyone's expectation especially for elderly. I have to give a thumb up for wan he lou's shark's fin soup with crab meat and conpoy, simply because they are generous in the ingredients they putting in. Although shark's fin is not encourage due to environment reason, but wan he lou did not offer this for all year but just during Chinese New Year season where they expect more traditional Chinese would love to enjoy it in this season.

A soup doesn't only consist of the ingredients but also the soup, the soup isn't too watery nor too thick, which personally I love it as you would want to continue drinking it one more after another, as it flow down your throat .

 Braised Yee Fu noodles with Lobster

A simply yet flavorful dish to fill your stomach up. The noodles are first cooked and having the gravy over it, the noodles absorb the the sweetness of the vegetable taste (more of the xiao bai cai) and lesser of the mushroom taste. Personally, I feel this dish would be more suitable of people who like more bland taste, which this dish carry out very well. Also, the lobster is considered as the small lobster, which has much more of the freshness taste instead of having more tasteless meat taste.

*Note: The lobster should be taken out, so it won't be overcook by the heat of the noodles. Otherwise the meat will be much stiff, instead of chewy*

Sweetie-bites; for Chinese restaurants usually there will be dessert as a last dish, even in western there's also dessert, but what's unusual is that.... THEY HAVING WESTERN DESSER O.O ! Making me sooooo tempted to retry my macaroon and even ask the boss if they have the recipe to send me. LOL. Okay, back to topic, their dessert is chocolate ice creammmmm, macaroons and jellies which consists of nada-de-coco too !  

Since it's a 5 course CNY meal set, of course there is two more, however Wan He Lou only prepare food with fresh ingredients with make us unable to try two dishes, but you can try them after 1.1.14 ! 

There are the:

  • Abalone "Lo Hei" Yu Sheng  (It's of course a MUST to have yu sheng )
  • Green Dragon Vegetable 

Not to be missed Ala Carte Items:

If you know Wan He Lou, You would know their Signature Lobster Porridge, there is more than one lobster swimming inside the Lobster Porridge, and as mention that Wan He Lou is a Cantonese restaurant which means that their porridge is the rice + soup, and not congee. 

Personally, I love congee, but I think that porridge also have their tasty side. Like this lobster porridge, where the rice could absorb the sweetness of the pumpkin soup, also the pumpkin soup isn't too thick of the pumpkin taste, it's more like suitable for the whole family, where the taste of even out and not mid nor robust.

Also, to prevent overcooked lobster, be sure to take it out from the soup first !

Signature Lobster Porridge - $29.90

The Robust Flavours:

If your taste buds prefer something more impact-ful, something more strong tasting, then these two dishes would be towards your liking.

1. Crispy Lotus

Personally I feel that if you love robust flavour, you would definitely love this dish ! It's kind of taste like the salted egg prawn, but instead of prawn, it's fried lotus ! Lotus gives a freshening taste while salted egg give out the salty taste, and when both come together, it mixed pretty well, even better than with the prawn !

However, after you keep eating it, you would sure want to order some water. As the strong taste will choked your throat and your mouth + throat will feel uncomfortable, with the leftover taste of this dish.

Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg - $11.90

2. Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork:

This is my favorite dish ! The Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork is different from the usual pork you eat in the supermarket or other places. This meat is soooo much tender and with every bite, you can feel the layering texture of the meat. Together with the strong tasting gravy that allow you to feel both the strong, salty and thick gravy sauce with the tender and soft meat. Sounds like a perfect match uh ! Oh, the meat is still soft and tender, with a little crispy at the side of the meat, as it's pan fried ! 

Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork - $14.90

Overall rating:
Food- 4.5/5 ( As it's suitable for a family, as it has mild and robust flavouring)
Service- 3/5 (As mostly we are serviced by the manager and the boss, which I can't really rate. But they are really friendly)
Price- 3.5/5 ( Depends whether you can rich anot. Price listed there. But for me, I think it's worth it)

The 5 courses CNY set meal for two start on 1.1.2014

  • 65 Maude Road, #01-01
  • Singapore, Singapore 208347

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday
Lunch: 11am to 230pm
Dinner: 5pm to 1030pm

Telephone number: +65 6294 8057

With the two pretty bloggers that are with me for the food tasting :} Yes, I got dark eye bag.