Mini personal update

So yes, by looking at the title, it's just a mini update of my current life ! Feeling guilty for not update anything for like 2 weeks, as everything is like schedule so this is like really from 15/12/2013 ! Just decided to enjoy my three weeks of holiday with a few days not doing anything, but enjoy myself at my cozy home and watch dramaa~ And finish a drama in less than 2 days ! Hahas, yes, I do love to stay introvert sometimes, not being LOUD, NOISY and TALKATIVE, but stay at home and just shut up, giggle and feel for the drama I catch.

These three days, to be exact, as my holiday just started after my International Marketing paper, I have been wanting to do a lot of things, including traveling, which I know I can't or won't have the money to since my parents do not allow those, and staycation are cool, but my pocket didn't allow that, especially I'm officially jobless now without a slot to even work :'(

Packed with thought to do a lots things, and I really hope that I will do it *throwing projects aside*, as 2013 is about to end, I still clearing remember how we all countdown for 1.1.2013. with those laughter, fun and drinks, and now perhaps, everyone has their own new journey, and we all are still friends but not that close anymore. Is a part and parcel of life, where new people come, some people go, while those in your heart will stay. Sometimes, I'm really glad those people who always stay by me, even though I didn't reply my text, even though I have some mind-fickler moments, even though I'm extreme not me sometimes. But I'm glad some do stay. I know I'm super duper petty, but somehow, I just need those people to come back in my life, I always stay cation, stay mindful, but am I just afraid that history will just repeat? Or am I thinking way too much?

Just hope that I will enjoy the 15days of my 2013, and a better 2014 to lead in. No more negative thought, no more laziness, and more happiness.