Tweekly: Extrovert vs Introvert

Hi peeps, back with Tweekly, and reallly miss this little corner of mine, because it's like a corner to express my thoughts and I'm going to redo my design of my blog soon (please do not expect my soon is within a month).

So recently, I came upon a picture with describe how to respect introvert and extrovert and give them their personal space:

After seeing this, I gave it a lot of thinking. Sometimes, I feel extrovert while most of the time I feel introvert. I believe the difference between extrovert and introvert is their circle of accepting people inside. Extrovert may have a bigger and easier circle to enter compare to introvert. Extrovert are the ones who cannot be alone, the one who loves to mix around with people, can those who usually make the first move. While Introvert are those who love to stay silent, love to stay at home and being alone.

Sometimes, I feel more like an introvert than extrovert but I feel that my action seems otherwise. I'm aright with mixing with people, in the past, I just could go out and shop on my own but now I somehow can. But also, I love to stay home and just watch drama, not having any interaction and I'm absolutely fine with it. Feeling an extr-introvert.

So I did some test at . Maybe you want to try out too, to see whether you are an introvert or extrovert. And it's quite true with the whole long story line for yourself

I tried it out and I'm quite shocked that I'm actually an introvert. But somehow, I also feel that way, I love to stay home instead of heading out. I love to cuddles with someone I like at home, instead of heading out with a bunch of people. But maybe I'm those introvert, who know how to put up a face (not double face, but real me) and interact at the start. I love being close with certain people that I trust a lot and know that I can rely on them. There is no rights nor wrong being an introvert or extrovert. Just different methods to respect them, and perhaps it's the environment that change us into introvert or extrovert.

P.S/ It's alright to be either extrovert or introvert.