Windowsill Pies

Hola ! Been long since I touch my website, but touching my laptop daily due to the million projects ! But so glad it's over~ or almost over. As promise, soon, a cafe post ! 

Headed to windowsill Pies with joyce chia, and as usual, she's early when she know i'm going to be late. It's walkable distance from farrer park mrt stn, but please do not trust your GSP. I almost died from walking under the heat ! It's near the tiramisu hero, if u even know where is it. But I alive back when stepping into the cozy zone with great service :}

A GIANT BEAR ! I love bears that it's at my home, there's a hug reason, cause it's standing 90% of my bed ! hahahahhs !

And calling windowsill pies, of course there's window and pies ! Also, there is tea leaf for us to smell the tea ! Loveeeee them soo much ! Oh, they will serve free waterrr~ Not budget, but so great after that "mini workout" to there ! hahahas

Our pretty muscato blanc tea with the two pies; lemon raspberry and chocolate mint if i'm not wrong. But obviously they ain't name this ! Cause.... I just forget them :X hahahahs !

Really in love with the chocolate mint and the lemon raspberry is really quite sour~~~ But the ambiance is really great and the stuffs are so friendly, offer to help us snap pictures ! hahaahs ! Our hightea cost about $24, if I'm not wrong~ I'm consisted quite affordable, also they offer brunch ! But we are too full to have it, perhaps next time.

Rate: 3.5/5, because I really love the cozy environment <3 and="" friendly="" p="" staff="" the="">

With my chia chia ! Forever favourite person to hang out with ! Salanghey ! kekeke ! It's been long since we really hang out and really chit chat, because now we are in different class. But still feel excited whenever we see each otherrrrr ! YAY ! Also, because we can snap picture like it's freeee~ *p.s/ all are just #OOTD*

The lady actually took a candid shot of us, real candid. Posting it at insta instead ! kekeke ! Cause find it really cuteeee~~~ hahahas ! And u will never imagine what I actually said at that point of time ! hahahahs !

78 Horne Rd
Singapore 209078

Check it more about them at:

P.S/ Right person, right place :}