Just the start

Okay, just hear me having my little rants and I will get back to my project work. hehes. It's just the start for school, less than a week, and I can feel that I'm like being suffocated with all the projects and works pilling up high, a little regret not chopping it off during holidays, but I always say that and I would still do it. Gosh. It's actually not one person's effort but the whole team effort. With two presentations or should I say three, cause I having one tomorrow, being line by next week, it's like... MY REPORT NOT EVEN DONE YET ! Yes, so I having to tie all the parts up for one of the upcoming project.

Receiving a message of " your exam timetable will be out on the 20.1" isn't lighting up my day. I haven't even done my project, how could I even start on my revision !?!?! But to be frank, I usually start during that 2 weeks break. And camping with all my books, being a full time nerd. Wanted to update this space of Tweekly, but I guess it will only be done like... soon? hahhas~

Feeling the stress pilling up, and receiving bad project results, boo boo. Put in so much effort, and I guess it's time to be a little more selfish on my own work rather than project work, since 90% will take your hardwork for granted, and 0.000001% will appreciate it.

Okay, just a hint of what i'm going on with my daily lifeeeeee. And hopefully goooood news will be out soon. Actually, feeling a little panicky each and everytime. Hehehes.

P.S/ A cafe post will be out "soon"