That hectic week

Hehehes, hi babes ! So this week is the exam week, and I guess I'm studying while you guys are either procrastinating, otherwise didn't have exams ! But yes, as what I promised, I will blog for this week, before the holiday arrive ! *stay strong*

So, as you see, we are in Nee Ann poly ! Not sure whether we are super lucky or what, we actually got into the semi-finals of HR challenge, and we actually didn't want to. But since we got it, we tried our best and didn't get into finals. Feeling both sad and happy, as we tried hard, also the finals within our exam period. Perhaps, we just have to place our priority !

And really thanks to ms Yvonne and ms Fion ! Because they have stayed by our side since day one, okay, day one as in after we get into semi-finals. We actually didn't wanted to get in and anyhow did the report, but we are so lucky to got it. With rehearsal and rehearsal of the presentation.

Since, it isn't our school, of course, pictures are needed *smirk*

#formalOOTD and I'm thinking whether to chop my hair and fringe !

And a mandatory jump shot ! It's somehow balance, as maisy and jolene decided to do the "starfish" jump and we and germaine with amalina did the legs up jump ! Kekeke

So right after the presentation, I went back with less than 30mins of rest, head out again for chalet with my old mates ! LOL ! Superrrr tired to even crawl out from my sofa, and luckily I packed my stuff beforehand man !

And we just eat and drink and chit chat and eat and drink, cycle of how relax should be spelled. Hahahas ! Honesty, I'm actually really restless, but somehow I manage to stay awake with less than 3hours of sleep for 3 days ! Hahahas, And fainted during the night.

Really glad that we all still able to hang out and chit chat till lateeeeee night !