Horseh year

Hi peeps ! It's still Chinese new year and wish you have a great time beforehand ! Always loving chinese new year, apart from my Birthday, because I get ang bao, get to eat and dress up plus sleep more than I used to !

So a yearly reunion dinner, which is a must to have steamboat ! And seeing all the meaty on the tableeeeee *lovee* okay, actually I'm not a carnivore but still better than veg right? prawwnnn~

Godma just have to have to say we crazy to put on make up when we are all day home ! It's newww yearrrr ! You know ! But this year. I miss the one I always wake up and eagerly receive blessing from. So soon, It's gonna be a year of missing you.  

Chinese new year are like getting more and more boring, but thanks god with cousins gambling and non-stop watching of tv and runningman, it just got a little better. And when girls have nothing to do, they just spam shot, since we all put on makeups !

And a day two temple visit, Not sure why but it's soooo blur if I enlarge it ! But really sure this three pictures are like the most candid-uncandid posts ! hahahahs ! And day 2 it's all about pizzzaaa, we have gotten like 4pizzas and eat till we full ! Gosh, just love chinese new year la ! hahahahs #piggytime

And few days before, got a chance to hang out with this silly girl to do #throwbackchildhood stuff, like eating cup noodles at cheers ! hahahahs ! And receiving goodluck cookies from here *loveee*

And tomorrow is valentine's day, make your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend or family some cookies ! *loveeee*