BOO ! Some update of my personal life, it's really kinda bored after I started my internship. And yes, my internship started on my birthday, and my clique have BBQ during that one week "holiday" that we had. It's really TOO MUCH FOOD ! hahahahs ! forever, we think we are 6 big pigs, but actually we are 6 little piglets. kekeks

And I know something is going to happen,when they keep stopping me from heading to the toilet ! hahahhs ! I'm like, I pee very fast one, and they keep stop me from heading to the toilet. But so touched when sherry and corn took a PIECE of cake, specially for me. Since, it's still not my birthday, I totally have no idea what to wish for. And they are like... pass driving? Able to put braces? And giving me ideas for my wishes ! hahahahs !

It's really a blessing to have this clique of "suan bian" with me. We all are the anything type of people and really, we only have fun and laughter and bitchy moments. Really feeling blessed, and it's like already 6 months with them. Having a 2weeks once dinner so that we won't drift and a daily morning motivation from them. Fighting !

But this is really unexpected ! I thought there's only cake, but I have a mega huge present too ! Feel so blessed. It's like corn saying, nah, and i'm like "huh?" hahahahhs ! Every minutes, or even seconds seems sooo good when I'm with them~ kekekes

And on my birthday~ We went to "delicious" and have some delicious pasta, it's really nommy ! During the weekdays, it's like 2 for the price of 1 ! hahahs ! It's really lucky~ I don't know where is the picture we took that night, but i'm sure it's somewhere in my phone. hahas~

 8th mar, a sat, spend my whole day with my mission challenger. Okay, kinda being a spoiler, but I actually knew they want to have a "surprise" BBQ for me. hahahhs~ When I said I don't really want BBQ but pizza, because I have mad craving for it~

But still, we had fun games and bbq, which filled up our tummy, even for supper ! Amelia is also a march baby~ So we celebrate it together~ Having a real sweet cake and filling dinner, now I know why I became fatter. LOL

And lastly~ Pizzas for a mini celebrate because I wanted to eat ! Realllly thanks to awesome for the treats, and the gift, making me feel soooo guilty for not getting you anything~

The last and really last, thanks to everyone who made the effort for the texts and the gifts. kekeke. really appreciate it, especially those who I didn't except for the gifts and those texts *you might know who u all are*

P.S/ 19th, 1 more year before 20th, shall do something great before the teenage years are close.