Smile with your eyes instead

Hi my sexy babies ! kekeks. Yes, looking totally sexy horrible, I decided to put on make up but those panda eyes are beyond help. Hahahahs

Anyway~ I have a lot a lot of friends forever saying that I have big eyes O.O But my eyes are really small if I have no colour lens. And after watching those korea drama, they have totally natural eyes, so envy. So this time round, I have chosen the more towards natural look.

This time round, my len is from Lush to Lush and I really love it ! Because it achieve the natural look, with the brown inside and most importantly, being super comfortable inside my eyes. I wore it more than a month already ! #okay,maybenotsomethingtobesoproudof

And this is the one I have choose, really super natural right. And the best is, the dark outer circle to cover those ugly white part when you're wearing colour lens. One of the best eg will be freshkon, I used to wear that, but of course, I change it after a month. 

This is the WBS-204 ! Everytime, when I wear colour lens, they would ask, oh, are you wearing colour contact lens? But this time round, I went internship with it, no one ask about the colour lens thing. I mean not that I'm not well-like *ahem* nor they don't care, but it's way too natural ~ 

And this is under the sunlight, which is still super natural, and somehow, now I look at it, I feel like sunflower ! hahahhs !

I really having a hard time to take these pictures, as it's so natural. You know those contact lens pictures, will obviously show their lens colour, but I tried and can't, even under underlight ! And~ my purpose of choosing this lens is because it's natural, so i shall stick to it ! hahahahs ! 

 Lastly, of course no harm to join their preorder ! Me too, going to join after I wear my lens that are at my house ! It's like so super duper cheappppppp man ! I used to wear lens from $18 to $30 for a month. LIKE A MONTH FOR 30, AND 9 WHICH IS MORE COMFORTABLE AND CHEAP, WHICH ONE YOU CHOOSE? Hahahahs

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