Tai Seng Road Nommy

Le Ho ! (Hello in teochew) ! I'm really blessed to enter Baxter Healthcare, meeting my supervisor and the eating kakey ! And last thursday, we went out and eat together. So they planned to eat the recently opened xin kin chilli pan mee and swa garden which is an authentic teochew restaurant ! 

To be real freak, I feel that the KL xin kin chilli pan mee, isn't really very nice. I mean it's quite okay, a little better than the coffee shop noodles, but it isn't really there.

Okay, firstly, the noodles, the noodles are for people who love those hard noodles, I mean I love those wobbly soft noodles, but that is quite alright, and it don't really feel that QQ taste. But what's nice is the chili (like duh) and the meat. Because their meat have the seasoning which makes the whole dish more flavorful, and the chili also bring out the meat taste. So maybe thumb up for the meat and chili !

Next would be their fish ball noodles ! The fish balls are real huge, and when I taking picture, my supervisor said with her finger will show how huge the fish ball is ! It's really big, and it is quite QQ, taste like fish paste instead ! So really worth it to buy the soup. It's just the fish ball, don't think the soup is super nice, it isn't~ It just like normal veg soup?

Overall, I would rate it a 3.5/5, as it do have it yummy pointers, but in all, isn't really super great, except u love hard noodles, like my sister. Then you could check it out !

 Just two stores away away from the KL pan mee, there is actually a hidden treasure of the swa garden ! It's really hidden germ ! It has the old school type of a restaurant, with really delicious food ! I doubt it is really cheap, but it's nice~

Firstly, cold crab. Yes, it's cold crab, and this is the dish where u need to reserve before you can eat it ! Because it's cold crab, you get to enjoy it even more, as the freshness will still be there, and you can put it in your mouth abit long. hahahahs

Next, braised duck, a common dish we can eat it anywhere, but their sauce is from herbs and you can really feel that it is soaked inside the tau pok ! And the meat is really big piece !

Oyster omelette ! I actually don't eat oyster from omelette, as some have this fishy taste, so I don't really like it. But this don't have it, I mean to my mouth la. And the oyster really like well mixed with the egg, or should I say that they are really generous with their oyster?

Lastly, is my mum's fav, the~~~~ yam? hahahahs~ okay, I actually didn't know what is it really called, but it's yam. And I actually quite feel that this is okay, I don't usually eat yam, so ya~ I actually eat it !

Rate for swa garden: 4.5/5 ! Really great food and great service ! I even have the thoughts of being my family here !