Get,Snap,Bingo ! #vaintytrove event

So I was real sick at home, but no, it's a sunday so instead of heading out, watching drama, I shall blog about the vaintytrove big event; get, snap and bingo ! 

It actually happened on 8th march, oppies, for the late post, but at least I do ! Hahahas ! okay, was really busy with interns and some other sponsored posts which has deadline. Anyway~ this #GSB is actually held at zouk ! #myfirstclubbingevent or should I say #firstzoukevent, simply because it doesn't really feel like clubbing, no dance but have drinks and loud music~ Me like it soooo muchy :}

As blur sotong tiffy forget her camera, I place it on the table before heading out to work,but oh well. I just have to forget to put inside my bag, bad quality of S4 camera~ But it's actually quite alright, just everything has to stop moving, cause my camera needa process it ! hhahahs

As usual, teaching my joceey bad stuff, by bring her to zouk ! hahahahs !

Heading in excitingly, and actually snap a picture at the big wallpaper of vaintytrove, like those celebrity with the sponsored wallpaper, but sadly our pictures are not found at the vaintytrove #GSB ! While heading in, we are like,"so zouk looks like that~" hahahahs, okay, yes some mountain tortoise but really, I didn't enter zouk before, but it's really a before 20 b'day list to go clubbing once ! hahahs ! #i'mnotsomepartyanimal

While queuing up, we actually have a set of bingo that we need to complete, but we only manage like 90% of it, as some are filled with people and we are like totally not wanting to squeeze in ! So here some challenges I did !

But first, let me take a selfie !

REALLY HAVE MY EYES GLUED TO THESE PASTRIES ! IT'S LIKE SOOOOO NOMMY EVEN BY LOOKING THEM, REAL BIG THANKS TO CREMEBERRY !  I can real say most are soooo delicious I wanted to grab the second one, however it's quite extreme taste, like if you take the sour tart, it's real sour ! hahahas ! #thatpastryforallyouknow

Then have our second bites, at the emicake and best is the push and pop cake ! It's eggless so it's like healthier and the best is that the push and pop could allow you to eat a few bites and stop once you are busy or full ! But of course, I ate all at one go, cause I love pushing it up up and away~ hahaha

The third stop would be soyato, it's really healthy and I totally love this compared to normal ice cream ! IT TASTE SO MUCH NICER ! It's like soya bean ice cream, and have different flavour ! Real love the green tea and the chocolate with chocolate chips inside it !

What's clubbing without drinking, hahahas. Okay, honestly, I thought it's soft drink but realise it has chivas O.O my lover. hahahhs ! okay, I do drink but don't judge because I can't drink really well ! hahahhs! This chivas I guess it's like only 20% to 80 soft drink? But there's still mild chivas taste. Real great after so long. hahah

And vainty trove is a beauty website, so what's beauty without skincare products? Just to know a little more about skinc but the lady was actually quite busy to entertain us #ohwelliguessourskinarewaytoogoodforprodcucts. hahahah ! But ain't these bottles pretty?

Next, omo omo omo ! I actually got my hair touched using the loreal hair steampod by the director of salvon Vim ! Feel so glad and I had my make up on by benefit too ! The hair stemapod is really good cause it comb and steam your hair while straightening it ! Cool or what ! Really tempted to buy, but gosh, too lazy to use it before work daily :( !

And I also gotten a free loreal shampoo with greatttt smell !

Lastly, a damn pretty picture with my joceey before we head home as both of us have work tomorrow and have to crawl up at 6am :( Otherwise we could party whole nice ! And can you see my pretty curled up hair with the quite thick make up? All done here at the vaintytrove event !

Gotten a real big bag of goodie bag ! And feeling so happy and excited to get it ! Kekekek !

Everything inside the big bag ! I already using most of the product and thanks to all these sponsors for all the products for us to try out !!

And thanks to these samples for us to have a touch on ! My most loved probably is weird but it's the diet bar ! IT'S LIKE ONE OF A KIND DIET BAR AND I'M SO GOING TO GET MORE ! HAHAHHS ! OH AND THE TEA BAG TOO ! 

p.s/ Hoping I could blog about the goodie bag of all products, but I haven't touch on the hair samples and the pills ! But real soon alrighty ;)