The love for blogging

Hello peeps, welcome to the inception of my blog, of my blog. Hahas. Okay, I'm actually joining a contest of " I love blogging", and I have thought about it much before I really blog about this. I mean "why would I be so attached to my blog", "What makes me having the motivation to continue blogging despite all the studying and working?".

The only answer would be, because I love blogging, having the passion to blog. 

"Blogging allow me to lead a life worth writing down"

I bet almost everyone started having a blog during secondary school, same for me, I also have a daily diary type of blog during my secondary school, and I decided to make it a worthy blogging platform, by just blog about events revolving about me. And because I want to blog about my personal life, I tend to head out more rather than staying home and watch my drama. And I tend to look back at my older blogpost, and having the thought of, "oh I did this, oh I did that". 

I started my blog with this concept in mind, wanting to look back without regret. Knowing how much I grow, how much I have change, and how many more steps I would take to step out of my comfort zone.

And these are like my personal life, which allow me to look back, feeling having a more worthy life, at least I have life before. hahas~ 

Next, I love blogging of course is the love in sharing the thing I love. That would be Food !
My love for food is beyond your imagination, I'm those kind of girls who will," oh I'm on  a diet", but actually I'm still munching on nommy food. And yes, nommy is yummy, that's my way of express how much I love to nom ! Hahahs ! 

My eyes will literally brighten with nommy food in front of me, and yes, I don't force myself eat yucky food no matter how I tried, my mouth or rather my brain, just can't accept it. So sharing real nommy food with my reader is like a plus plus loved thing which motivate me to blog even more ! Oh, I did share recipe about baking, and only baking, because I'm actually scared of cooking ! Haha, oh well. 

And perhaps. my blog is like somewhat a mind-off platform for me, I'm having a Tweekly platform to share things like my thoughts and all, as I tend to over think, over observed things. So Tweekly is like one of the platform I really appreciate opening for myself, (okay, I sound like I appreciate me doing things for myself) hahahas~ 

But actually I appreciate readers for Tweekly ! I have friends who will really read up my Tweekly column and ask me why I would want to create such inspiration column. I actually don't really know, but somehow my heart just tell me,"just do it"  

Lastly, my love for blogging would be expanding my social network ! To be real honest, I'm those type of people who will be extremely awkward at first, but crazy at the end. So blogging, going for events allow me to open up more to people, as we tend to see different faces. And having a small clique of friends who will go for events together ! Feeling so less lonely, and having more meet ups with them ! It's really so great ! 

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