Tweekly; that missing alphabet

It's been a long time since I wanted to keep my Tweekly "alive", ever since the last one. I mean I started my Tweekly is to share my thoughts and maybe to allow me not to think so much? I don’t know, but I just like this column in my blog the most loved apart from my food post, and I actually appreciate it when Friday I have the most visitors maybe for the Tweekly, and I’m being lazy not blogging my Tweekly, okay promise I will try to do it every fortnight. Lol.

Okay, let's start the chapter on that missing alphabet.

"You just fell down once in your life. You just scraped you knee… So don't exaggerate too much. Life is long when you live it. Even a 70-year-old man learns the Korean alphabet and passes the GEN in this day and age."

Okay, caught this phase while watching my usual Korea drama. With that, I actually think back the bad memories I had with English.

To be honest, I actually dislike English, but still kinda got force to use it. But I still prefer it more than Chinese even though I got pretty well for my Chinese during my primary or secondary school days.

Well… Everyone dislike some things or people for certain reasons. I don't know about you but I am like that. The reason behind my dislike for English actually sounds silly, but it is because of a tuition teacher, how pathetic it sounds right?

But then, I felt that I'm the pathetic one in the whole class. It's my first day of tuition and this tutor just decided to ask me to stand up and read the paragraph. Okay, there's no wrong asking me to read on the first day, I mean maybe she want to know the standard my English so that she could guide me better.

To be frank, I actually did my silence reading of that paragraph when she gave the paper beforehand and I did prepared myself before I stood up. Perhaps I was really nervous, and my English isn't really good then (that’s why I went tuition right), perhaps even till today. I actually stutter, pronoun everything wrong even the simple words such as “has” and “have”.

Having the class laughed out loud, it's really alright for me, but not the teacher. She laughed at me and kept telling me to repeat and repeat till I got it right. Obviously I cried and felt embarrassed at the same time.

After that class I actually didn't want to go for it anymore, like really stop the class. As a primary 3 kid, my mum actually thought I'm throwing tantrum, and drive me to her condo for every lesson. And each lesson, my English actually just got worse than improving.

She always say her death father story, I mean no wrong, I still respect her death father, but not every single time. Then when she picked me up and read, after I cried each time, she will say this, "when I'm younger, I got embarrassed in class because I didn't know how to differentiate 'shoulder' and 'soldier' but I stood up and kept correcting myself till I got it right. Nothing to be embarrassed about." And I’m like that’s your problem, so you trying to pick on me right now?

I mean everyone is different way of learning, some could be use such method but not all. I don’t really have high self-esteem since young, and with that way of teaching, I really doubt you did help me. Like seriously, everyone is different, having different way of learning. I actually dislike English thanks to her, and feeling like so regret right now. I mean, somehow, I just can’t differentiate “lose”,” loss” and “lost” sometime, *ahem* sometime. Somehow having some mind block but, it’s just a scraped on my knee, it took too long for me to realise that I have to heal it well, and started running again.

In some point in time, everyone will have their knee scraped, but what’s important is we all heal it and get all ready to run again. It might not heal fast, but somehow everyone has to get it all healed up. The past has past, and we can’t do anything to change it, so why not, change our future, and do not let history repeat itself?

"Life is filled with people. People are imperfect. Forgive and love people." If I made a mistake and hurt you, forgive me too, because I’m also a human.