Eyes are awake with Heroine

Hello Princess, hehes, feeling that little excitement as I review this real good make up brand ! Can you guess right *hint, title and the word "princess".

Yes, if you are thinking Heroine make up, then you are a back at your back *pat pat* ! Real glad to join the heroine make princess party even though I'm down with cough, and still down with it. *please take good care alright, cure you, weather*

So, for those people who still don't know about Heronie make up, don't fear, I will give you a brief background about it :) #kindtiffiskind

Brand information
Launched in 2005, Heroine Make is a popular Japanese cosmetic brand best known for its eye makeup products.
Heroine Make’s icon is Himeko Elisabeth (Princess Elisabeth). Princess Elisabeth believes that every woman is the leading lady in her story, so she should always look good at all times.
This is in line with Heroine Make’s commitment to provide long-lasting and smudge-proof makeup that will stand by the ladies even as they go through difficulties in life.

Voted the No. 1 Mascara in Japan by @cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards in 2009 and 2010, the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara (New reformulated mascara is called Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara) is the bestseller of the brand.
There is a growing trend of ‘wide-eyed wonder’ now, the belief that when the eyes look bigger, the face will look smaller and cuter. Hence much emphasis has been placed on eye makeup and women are turning to mascara for bigger and natural looking eyes.

And we were introduce with real good foundations and mascara, if you are my real close friend, you would have known that I having single eyelid, but with mascara, it will naturally become double eyelid #dontaskmewhy #bornthiswaybaby. But I guess it's because, mascara actually open your eyes, like literally, so you don't actually looks sleepy?

And due to the not real good lighting in the cafe, I actually snap some shots at home, so please appreciate my hardworking-ness. LOL. Simply because I'm usually not that hardworking.

This April, Heroine Make brings you reformulated mascara!

With new formula, Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara gives:
- 40% more lengthening effect
- More than 24 hours of long-lasting finishing

With new formula, Heroine Make Volume & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara gives
- Fuller looking lashes
- No messy clumping
- Super curling power
- More than 24 hours of long-lasting finishing

So okay, let me touch on my real favorite mascara now, which definitely be the Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara !

Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara ! 

Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara
A. Extraordinary Long
5mm fibres (Replaced the old 3mm fibres) which firmly lengthens even short

B. Curl Lock
2 new ingredients that keep curl upward and stay set for more than 24 hours:
- Moment lock ingredient (Strongly sets the curls the moment it is applied in morning)
- Shape-memory polymer (Retains shape of curls throughout the day without
drooping or wilting)

C. Super Waterproof
1 new ingredient – Super Guard Polymer which repels tears, sweat and water, hence
keeping your mascara smudge free

D. Curved Brush
Designed to easily curl up the edge of lashes and reach even the shortest lashes

Other than the dry information that I loaded you, let me talk about my experience~~

As I have said earlier that I tend to put mascara to have the double eyelid effect, and with just two stoke, I actually put 3 to 4 stokes using my previous brand mascara, to achieve the same effect. And mascara usually makes your eyelashes very hard and dry? But Heroine make up makes me feel that my eyelashes are still real soft and natural.

The plus point is that, waterproof, smudge-proof, only thing is that when you accidentally smudge on the skin near your eyes, please be quick and use a cotton bud, otherwise, it will be quite difficult to remove it. But I still love it, because mascara always makes you looks like some ghost from the movie after a long day, so Heroine make up actually won't ! So you still looks like a princess.

Lastly, the curl I actually tried to put it on to work at 7am, and after that OT, reaching home at 8pm, it's still up. Which is real good, as you won't see your eyelashes, you know when your lashes become so heavy, you can actually see them, and it's really irritating because your eyes can choose not to see your nose but not your lashes?! hahahs ! So I really love this mascara !

Rate: 5/5 ! Real good steal !

 And on a side note, we have a 'The Ultimate Lash Challenge’, where we put on the long and curl mascara, and then put rubberbands on it ! Guess how much I actually put on ;)

I actually put on 7 before my lens become so nasty, and drop out after I blink it ! Otherwise I might win ! hahahahs ! And I'm like "okay, I shall get the prize" hahahas ! The winner actually put 17 ! Okay, perhaps the other event without that winner, I might still win, hahahas !

But it's real fun with kaman trying her best to help me, and snap pictures !

 Volume & Curl Waterproof Mascara

Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara
A. Super Thickening & Volumising Effect
Volume separate Powder which gives a greater separating effect to create even fuller look without messy clumping

B. Full Catch Brush
Designed to transfer more mascara from tube to eyelashes

My review:

The volume mascara actually do give a lot of volume, till the extend where I think I can don't put my waterline eyeliner, as it really cover that whole stretch. But this thing is, it's not as obvious as the lengthen one, I mean the lengthen mascara you could really see, where as the volume one only can be seen in pictures~

In additional, I'm not sure whether it's me who don't know how to put the mascara, which makes me smudge on my face a few times, and having some clamps at the end of my lashes. Overall, compared to my previous lashes, it still stand a little higher rating.

Rate: 3.5/ 5

Also, did you realise that my skin actually become brighter? It's all thanks to the foundation that Heroine gave it to us as a door gift for the event, I put a little daps and it could last for almost the whole day, maybe it's because I'm in office, and best thing is, all my pimples just got conceal away ! hehes

The girls that I had fun with in the event, so glad that I have them, otherwise I will become some awkward penguins in the event !

Also, you can be like us to take picture with the photo booth / backdrop set up by Heroine Make in 5 different cafes in the next 5 months, and you can visit to take photos with the backdrop and props. Stay tuned to Heroine Make Facebook Page for updates !

Locations to purchase
- Watsons
- Sasa
- Nishino Pharmacy
- John Little
- Meidi-ya

Links for more information:
- Facebook page
- Instagram

*ahem* lastly... Since I have my make up on, and celebrate the labour day, public holiday.


P.S/ Little tips, dip your curler into hot water before you curl your lashes, it really makes your lashes curl up before putting mascara, I have tried and prove it !

Enjoy your day !