Weekends craze

Okay, yes, it's 2am and I couldn't sleep nor do my weekly log, and I have to hand up on this thu. Gosh. But nevertheless, I should kick those "updated" post coming up on my blog.

Yay, went to a marathon like finally, kicking all those fatty acids away *shoo shoo* ! We went electric run, though that it could be more fun, but nah, it's more of a walk-a-thon, as there are sooooo many people and jamming do appear.

Also, though that there are more itinerary, but there is only like 3 or 4? Luckily the night sky along the walk track are so pretty   

Of course, with my favs again ! Sadly, dee dee has something on, so she didn't join us :( And yes, due to the cooling weather happening in Singapore, I decided to cut off the sleeves of my T-shirt. Welcome, my flabby weird shape arms. LOL

We tried to selfie almost everywhere, as even we are passerby to help us snap some shots, it i not really up to our expectation. hahahas~

And some freeee 100plus, it's always a great thing that 100plus sponsored almost all the netball games I played in during carnivals or even other sports even ! haahhs

Hahas, yes, the next day, we met again ! Together with dee dee ! *love* !
It's our princess sherry's birthday, 4/6 has passed their birthday, we are the old babies. LOL
Having real great fun with my favs, and tomorrow we are meeting again :} kekekes

And yes, some spammmmz selfies !

Goodnight peeps,