Sembawang white bee hoon

Bello peeps ! I'm back from my torture job which totally has no break in 22 days ! oh gee man ! 

Anyway, I'm always back to food posts ! I mean all my life seems near food and nowhere else, kekes~ 

Near my neighbour, okay not really near, but north area, there is always people saying," have you tried the sembawang white bee hoon?" And me here saying, "at where?!" hahahs ! 

And I'm proud to say, yes, I have tried it ! So here's my reviewww ! 

Everything, I mean those I ordered, are like simply delicious. And I just realise my pictures are so blur, hahahahs. Its the food that counts right?

This wu xiang, is full of meat ! I don't really like eating it but this I love it ! The meat is way toooo soft even its crispy on the outside *love*

P.S/ so sorry for a weird blur picture, but my parents have no patient for me to take picture~ hahahs

Next ! Will be my our all times favourite, the sweet-and-sour pork ! Okay, so sorry for those who are halal buttt~ this is my favourite dish !! On top of that, you know in some places, the flour will be like 80% while the meat is only 20%. For this, it's like 80% meat and 20% flour, which is so much satisfying !

And lastly, of course, the white bee hoon itself, and being a proud xinhua people (its a dialect), the noodles is a xinhua noodles, which is much thinner and more Q, hahash. Also, have to praise the gravy/soup of the noodles as its chicken soup which is so much more flavourful !

However, the queue is always non-stop, like literally. It's opposite sembawang shopping center, quite ulu place BUT still long queue. I guess singaporeans are all foodies !

I will high recommend this ! It's quite affordable, like zhi-cha pricing and good food ! Also, if you are there, try their ai-yu drink, its real nice for this hot summer singapore weather !




  • 22 Jalan Tampang (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre)
  • Singapore 758966

Operation Hours:
Mon - Tue11:30 am - 10:30 pm
Thu - Sun11:30 am - 10:30 pm