Blog now

Hello people, I'm like finally took a rocket back to my thattiffany website ! Was a little busy here and there, but of course I do have time to blog, however... Drama just kidnap me away~ *vroom* Oh well, kekeke.

Was suppose to like make this page alive on 3 Oct, but suddenly, my life become sooo socialable and didn't have time to sit down and touch my body~ laptop, and I finally edit some of my page design, there is more changes, but.. the irritating html didn't allow me to change much of it :'(

Did quite a few food post, but of course, I scheduled it ! So there will be a constant updates ! Clever right~ ;) #forpeoplewhoarelazyandprocrastinatealot

Anyway, other than food posts, I also did another chapter of my *bling bling* teeth ! So get your eyes on this page~~

Till the next post ;) And thanks for people who always staying~