2014: Bites and Pieces

Okay, great. My blogger app decided to "saving" and I need to re-type everything again...
Anyway, hello peeps, its soooo fast the end of 2014, and this year isn't really a great year for the world, even the last few days something bad happened :( #prayforQZ8501

As for me, its like a changing environment year, I had like get out of school, and of course get back to school. And my internship is one of the best things happened in this year ! Internship in Baxter Healthcare have never get any bad moments, okay, maybe there is, but still the goods are awesome. 

Having such a great working environment, cheap and good canteen food and colleagues with awesome supervisor who I still hang out with after my internship ! On top of that, I would say its awesome to have a fatherly LO, who really take good care of me too ! 

As many of you know that this few months are like real hectic for me, due to those projects and I bet many of you won't want to hear me rant again. So to keep it short, I would write my Top 3 good things in my 2014 ! Count your blessing more than the bad things right? *p.s/ I'm actually typing this on the MRT*

Top 3: work out !

Sooooo~~~ I am like so so SO glad that I started to workout again, winning the contest and get a month free in ritual is like the best fitness thing everrr~ As you know, I also type "new year resolution; work out" but actually... It never happened except ! This year ! hahahahs ! And I still feel that I do love to work out or even play sport ! Joined zumba for almost 4 months, and feeling its still sooooo funn ! And maybe, it will be in my next year resolution too *black moon face emoji*

Next !

Top 2 ! Being closer to friends and family

For my family, this year seems like a major change, as we all are not being pampered anymore, and you know what this mean. It means, we all need to do housework and even cook, yes people, I can cook simply food ya~ stop doubting me alrighty?!

And 70% of the time, we don't actually cook, as washing dishes is such a chore ! So we eat out most of the time, which means closer family-ship. hahahsh ! Since now we all are like earning, so we do treat our parents sometimes but they still treat most of the time ! Celebrating events togetherrrrr~

Also, being closer to my friends ! I know sooo much more friends this year, thanks to the sch internship which is like 90% doing nothing, yes I know, and this is how friends bond ! Also glad to announce that I still meet up with my close friend at least once this year *clapsclaps* Okay, always is either near my birthday or near their birthday. Hahahs, thats's like the only few reasons to meet right?

With chia chia for vainty trove event ! 

Click clique ! 

Top 1:

Okay this is damn freaking obvious that everyone who read my blog will know ! It is in a relationship...... with my braces ! Yes, gotten braces like finally after 2 years, having a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes, I can't chew, sometimes I get ulcers, sometimes.... oh well. I still love to have a straighten teeth ! Having braces is like solving a long couldn't solve problem.

Also, I feel that at least now I have the courage to tell people about my underbites, and even have a video about it, which I think I won't regret after I look back ! 


I really do realllly realllly do appreciate you guys who read my blog, even I didn't blog it for like a month or more due to my F1 job, but hey, I think I should bring my laptop over, since I literally SIT there for like 19 days ! what a waste. Anyway, really thank you for sticking around and really I MEAN it, that next year will be a more content year, cause I heading overseas, clearing the big part of my braces, and lastly, gotten a full-time job and part-time studies. I promise I won't abandon this place anymore, since I do love stating down bites and pieces of my live :)