Sponsored post: Bike to home.

Hi peeps ! Am I a little too late to wish everyone a "happy 2015 new year" The start is sooo great where I decided to spend it off with projects, hahahs, just the afternoon alright, I still manage to get my butt out in the evening ;)

Anyway, has being healthy one of your new year's resolution? I didn't have a chance to state it here yet, but its definitely inside mine !

I had been quite into riding a bike from my house, all-the-way- to waterfront park, which is quite a distance, and thanks to my weak knee-cap, I don't usually run there but cycle there ! And cycling is really a gooooood sport to work out in !

Still remembered that when I was younger, I wanted a bike and my uncle ride the bike all the way to my house O.O ! hahahs ! Yes, was only Primary 1 then. hahahs !

Now you can own the prettiest and coolest bike without much trouble with bicycles.sg !

These are my bike of those bicycle I would definitely ride in when I going for a ride ! Who need petrol and you can ride a bicycle and work out ;) !

Really loving the blue colour simple road bicycle, cause its soooo clean and simple ! Hahahs, duh, otherwise its called SIMPLE road bicycle?! hahas

Anyway, the page do sell other accessories or items which is beeeellow~

Gotten sponsored for the star master night lamp, and was sooo "wow~" and eggcitied when I first gotten my hands on it ! It was a christmas present, but I guess I blog post could come in after close to a month right.... haahhs

Having like a led-lighting, which is like disco ! hhahs ! I often open this before I go to bed, or if I need to find something on my table~ Wanted to snap the led-lighting, but... my camera lens just :'( It's nx mini and its treating me like that, twice :(

Anyway, lets breathe and enjoy the stars in the morning at home! Just batteries required so super portable :)

Do visit Bicycles.sg for the range of bicycles and other items ! And I will see you soon !