Plus! Presents Zumba® Fitness !

Hello people ! Zumba zumba yay, zumba yay, zumba zumba ! Hahhas ! I guess I'm a little too busy to update about my life :( But recently, I actually join Zumba on every Friday, and I was soooo eggcited when I was being told about the largest Zumba event held by Plus! And thanks NTUC Link for the sponsor !  And if you don't know what is Zumba, its a  is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness programme !

If you all don't know about Plus ! Plus! Programme is the largest and most successful loyalty programme in Singapore, with growing 1.6 million Members and 1,000 participating Merchants outlets. LinkPoints is the currency of the loyalty programme.

For more information about Plus! Programme, it can be found at HERE

This event was held at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, on the 23 November 2014, from 7.30am onwards ! Yes, I woke up that early and feeling soooo refresh #toldyouI'msomeonwholovesexercise~~~

There is like a lot a lot a lot of booths and people !! Yes, I'm one of them who bought the shirt, win free healthy drinks and exercise hell lot ! Some other booths who be members able to redeem instantly for "Night at the museum: Secrets at the Tmbs" tickets using LinkPoints that worth only $3.50 ! Also also, there is Millennial love brand such as skechers, who is one of the sponsors for this event !

This particular event is to break the Singapoer Book of Records ! *rise hand* yes, I'm part of it ! hahahs ! Plus! Presents Zumba® Fitness has two Zumba segments which I died on the first one, hahahs. 

And many who are like me, feeling that Plus ! is only for their mums who think its is just grocery loyalty programme. It's is actually so wrong ! The Plus! Rewards so much more rather than just grocery ! There are 4 key types of rewards; such as UShow, UBid ad UExperience which is all HERE !  

There is also lucky draw where one lady just won herself 1 MILLION LinkPoints, like damnnnn shiok please ! While others (people like me) gotten $60 worth of goodie bag ! Don't be disappointed if you couldn't win the 1 MILLION linkpoint, there is also Wish Upon a Click with Plus whereby 3 members' wishes will be granted by Plus! and voters for the wish will be rewardeds with LinkPoints ! Start submit your votes as it has started !!

TBH, Zumba is a reallly shiok event especially for a 4hr non-stop dance, #ididstop, ahhaha ! That's not the main point, but we all do enjoy oursevles really much thanks to the free pictrues for each head count inside the pictures, balloons and face-paint ! 

The Bye from us !