Ritual; the gym

HEYA ! Yes, I'm like taking maybe 20minutes to update this page, keeping it alive. Please wait for like 2 weeks, and I will be on holiday, with flooding of page, because I always do that for all my backlogs.

It's finally december and really think that 2014 is a good year for me so far, and of course I will be sharing my Top 10 or maybe Top moments ! 

Anyway, as the title said, the gym ! Omg, I wrote Ritual in my CRM report, so I think it will be like awesome if I put some points in here, and it will be a blog post #yesthissmart ! 

This is an unpaid post, all from my heart feeling, and maybe a little edit to fit my CRM context. hahahhs.

Background of Ritual
Ritual opens its first outlet along North Canal Road in January 2013, a 30 minutes intent workout for the whole body, which is efficient, especially for the hectic Singapore lifestyle.

Personal encounter:

The people there is really super duper friendly ! I like the lady at night though, maybe she knows that we are all like drained from work. Anyway, attire and no shoes required so no excuse for not hitting the gym ! I receive a month complimentary ticket thanks to #healthymetv_sg ! 

There are three different level of workout, and of course, might is level one, at least its not beginner. hahah ! Anyway, its no machines so everything is by weights. Quite shiok because I really like intent workout rather than slow one (like yoga). It's only 20minutes, but you will die in this 20minutes ! hahahah ! 

This picture shows that my teeth isn't that bad compare to now, omgggg~~

After that super duper intent workout, you are totally free to go shower and best is, no hard sell of their gym membership, unlike other gyms. For the trial, there is free smoothie too ! 7 days trial for $50, and if you join them, it will be return to you the $50.

Not many gyms provide healthy smoothie, and my body feel damn good after the workout and the cold nutty smoothies !

Many would have seem this somewhere, like my instagram? hahahs ! Yupp, after this first gym trip, omg, I'm currently still addicted to heading the gym near my house, because I'm busy like a bee and have no time nor money to go other gym. Do you know gym at the stadium cause use the sportsg money, got $100 inside for free ! hahahs #auntiemode.

Anyway, I like their booking app too ! It's so convenience for mobile phone, which allow you to book the session 2 minutes before the session start ! But you won't want to, because they start super on time and you will have those panic attack ! hahahhs !

Their website, for members only, have like workout that you could do if you travel ! So hope that anyone will be like interested because year is ending and we all wrote keeping fit in our new year resolution isn't it? hahhahs

You could visit their website for more info !

Till when I'm free (which is sat because I need to blog someone cool),
Tiffany !