TAE WOO Korean Restaurant

Hi peeps ! Having some well super bright pretty restaurant picture to greet you before all those drooling food pictures are great isn't it?! Okay, I'm back on eat, some *ahem* korean food again. HAHHA ! I know I promised the dim sum is coming out, but... you know, I love korean food more, okay, last one before I really blog other type of cuisine okay, but this jaljiangmian aka JJM, is like omg ! So let's go ! 

Tae woo korean restaurant is located at clarke quay, which is like 90% empty, but when we go, there is still quite a few people, and 90% (10% = us) are korean O.O Tae woo's item ain't really cheap, but their food is like zhichar but in the korean style~

1. fried dumpling~~

Okay, I think their fried dumpling is abit tasteless, and their filling is 99.9% veg with meat which isn't a lot~ Not really worth trying because I think the chinese style one is sooo much shiok ! Hahahs

2. boiled dumpling

This is even more tasteless, seriously, I'm not sure is it my tastebud or their dumplings are really blend. But not really worth it. next next.

3. Sweet and sour pork

This is quite okay, its quite different from the chinese version. The flour is a little more than meat, but it's actually make it have a texture to bite it. And it's quite solid to eat it. Not saying its liquid or whatever, but like QQ to bite it.

4. JJM ! JJM ! JJM !

My favouriteeeee, this is $12, abit expensive as mention, buttttt it's real good deal ! As I feel the noodles are handmade, which make it damn QQ like got the texture you know ! You know machine noodles are abit flour flour, but this is totally different, it has the thickness of laksa noodles (the thick bee hoon) but its a noodle ! hahahhs

And the black bean sauce is my lover currently, its.damn.flavour.full. hahhahahs !

And if you love jambong too ! (below) you can try this !

This is $18, which consist of both the JJM and jambong, which is widely loved by korean. The jambong seems a little normal for me, I feel its just seafood inside tomyum but not sour? Worth the first time try thought, but I still perfer JJM.

So I would think, you could just eat their JJM or JJM/Jambong.


Having only one outlet at:

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817 (inside the mall)