F1 working experience

Before the year come to an end, which is like damn fast?! 

For my almost whole of September, I was working for F1, as lift operator (ya I know) literally. And its damn dumb for us to work for 22 days, when everyone knows how to even operate the lift by themselves. 

Not even know why we need stay till quite late and even OT, almost-single-day,without-any-single-extra-pay. Serious, but didn't really file an complaint to MOM, cause its the idiotic life manager that is unbearable. And I swear, F1 is something everyone will only work once, or u slack for the next few events, and working as lift operator is the worst job ever~ 

But still, we get to play a little here and there, when the lift manager is not in or watching his movie inside the office~~

#one; thatsomeweirdpictures

Wanted to insta it but its too big if I insta it and too weird if you come to think about it... hahahas

#2; walk around the after party before walking home

#3; meeting zillion of people that is in the same angry or happy weird mood as you !

#4, hang out with peeps after the whole bullshit event ended ! Like the 24th sep ! *clapsss*

we went to have some mini picnic which is ordering pizzas and getting the extra snacks from the SGP people, they are soooo friendly ! hahahhs

People always make the job better or worst, and I'm sooo blessed to be in my turn, which is turn 1. Everyone seems to be taking real good care of me, maybe because I'm sick and being a nasty bitch, hahahahs ! But still, they are real good, especially people from the hotel, cooking real good food for us ! kekek. Okay, If I get to work in F1 again, I will, but not as lift operator for sure !

Ending the F1 chapter here, and please be eggcited for my new post. #spamiscoming