Tweeky; Presentation

I'm finally back ! Today is such a gooooood day ! Ending my last presentation for the week before the 2 weeks holidays, and gotten myself the one-for-one starbucks treat ! Together with zumbaaa !

Anyway, the title mention "presentation", so let's not drift off ya. Okay, since I had like 3 presentations in this week, which we aren't even finishing our projects an day before, leading to like no time for script in presentation. What should you do? Okay, this is what I actually do for the whole week of presentations and find it useful for myself, which might be useful for you too !

1. Its your part, you should know what to say
In most group project situation, everyone will do their own powerpoint (ppt) of their own parts, I suppose. Even its not your own part, you would sure have to read that part to understand in order to extract the key words for your ppt right? So you should know what you should say and having a little more confident in knowing what rubbish info you actually say.

2. script is not equal to report. 
I bet 99.99% wrote their script based on their report, and its totally alright, but not the whole bloody part in that report. And by cancelling some parts, is not going to help. Usually, when we write report, its like "okay, we should vomit 20pg out" kind of mindset and the report are usually naggy. I used to just use report as my script, I mean after cancelling a few parts here and there, but no. It's not going to help you in your presentation. The best would be understand the report content and do your ppt in the way you understand the report.

Leading me to my third point....

3. Depend on your ppt instead of the cue cards

THIS IS SO MUCH MORE USEFUL ! As mention, your ppt is dependent on the report, and why don't you depend on your ppt? It's always alright to turn your head a little and see, BUT, do stand about 45degree and look at your audiences too ! PPT are linking points which you don't have to keep looking down and *snap snap*, if you forget, you will still know what to say. It's like a cue cards on the screen, so *throw cue cards away*

3. Look at your ppt and read out loud what you want to say (practice)
It's true, practice always make perfect, you have to try reading out loud and somehow it will get into your brain. If you keep forgetting the linking points, restart and restart, before you even present. I took like about 10minutes? But I do it without even writing a script, so I do not need to spend time to write script and just memorise it. As presentation, there will be some words you will change and I feel scripts are not needed. [ I did that for 3 presentation, yay]

4. Have some confident in your brain
Lastly, have some self-confident ! If you do not have confident in yourself to delivery what u did, who will? If you really put in the time and effort to do it, then you should know more than everyone else what are the pointers and why are still afraid that you might forget the pointer, you might not able to deliver it well, you might.... JUST TRUST YOURSELF TODAY !

I only trust myself this monday, hahahahahs ! Okay, after maybe 2 years? But still, just do it ! It's really good, and if you really forget about the pointers, okay, take pic or note it on your phone and put it in your pocket or nearest table. [ At least you feel safe]

Okay, these are my tips and tricks which might not be super useful for some, especially RP students who present almost single day  #withconfident. But still worth the try !