A family day !

Hi guys, back to the gym. We gotten a complimentary pass by shiseido ! As they have an event held over there. Pure fitness having two outlets, the one we went is Asia Square which is damnnnn ATAS ! hahahs ! #thispostisactuallydraftedatdec2014

see the damn atas dressing room ! Okay, pure fitness has like washing room for ladies and men, so.. they don't have lock at the shower door #idkwhybut...ya...

Thanks to our cousin weifen, she worked in shisedo and they have an event, so ya, we got to work out ! Including my oma and a pa!

Before that, we are actually given a take by shisedo about their new product launched ! It's like a few months back, but I guess its still new right?

If you guys followed me on insta, You would have seen this post ! In a brighter light~

Afterwhich, we head down to my parents friend's dad birthday party, and she's only 7. Why my parents never even host such b'day party for me?! And, excuse my panda eyes and eye bag. Not even sure why its so bad !

# I always have no doubts that my dad can be a good nanny. He loves hugging other people's kids, except his...

But we two still had fun, acting childish, heheh !