Tolido's Espresso Nook

Hello peeps ! This might the second most up updated post ever, because I still have this nail polish on ! LOL. But cut the french mani away as it has become so so long, it was done for Xmas... And now... It's going to be CNY... #Ibookedmynailappointment,goingtoremovethemsoon. But you see, its gel, so I could remove it myself. 

Anyway, this is one of the cafes that I visited and find it really nice and comfy to not share with you guys ! Btw, its not a sponsored post. Based on my real feeling uh guys. This is called Tolido's Espresso Nook #nopeIdidntdrinkespresso hahahahs

Its under those HDBs, and near lavendar MRT station ! Walkable distance :) 

You see that lady in front of us? Yes, I wanted to sit that spot so badly, but she didn't leave till the cafe going to close. Oh, we went on a Sunday morning, and they close at 6pm. Anyway, we also gotten a really comfortable sofa seat, just that I want that one~ lol

To be honest, their prices are also relatively affordable ! Just look at the menu yourself ! They do have like pasta too, but both of us feel like having something light cause we met at like 3 to 4pm?

Our breakfast set, perhaps their coffee are more expensive as it cost about the same as one set meal, which is like $7 per cup? But its really nice, like smooth~~ I drank sea salt caramel latte #alltimefaveveninstarbucks ! hahahs ! And even mine looks dry, but no, the egg are actually quite okay, better than mcd ! And loving croissant for the longest time ever !

Mine cost less than $20, and I'm not sure whether they do charge Service Charge or is it a NETT price, but its still pretty affordable !


Really quite worth the try !

Tolido's Espress Nook

462 Crawford Lane, 190462

Operating hours:
Tues - Thurs: 9.30am - 7pm ( kitchen closes at 6:00 )
Fri & Sat: 9.30am - 10pm    ( kitchen closes at 9:00 )
Sun  9.00am - 6.30pm          (kitchen closes at 5:30 )

Closed  on  mondays

We walked all the way to haji lane, and found HoneyComb ! What's different is that they use greek yogurt or milk ice-cream, which gives you more choice. I suggestion will be, don't take the apple and cinnamon one, lol. You will actually get a little sick of it after long time of eating it, but for a try is good. Perhaps you could buy and eat while shop, I'm so good to even think of the plot for u ! Hahahas !

Ending this post with this nommmies, anyway, will update frequently from today onwards, because... ALL MY PROJECTS COME TO AN END ! Just left a paper, so so glad for that ! Stay tuned for more updates mainly food and my bracesssss~