Aone Claypot House

Hello nommies, I'm back for another food review ! This time round, this restaurant you could bring all your family members, from the young to the old. I guarantee, they will like it ! So what is this restaurant? IT'S AONE CLAYPOT HOUSE ! 

I mean who doesn't love food that is in a claypot, which keeps the food warm and well-cooked as the heat is transferred throughout the whole claypot. In addition, with the open kitchen which keep the yummy food smell coming out, I don't see why you guys won't be excited for the food !

 Assorted Dried Fruits Tea ($7.90)

A sweet infusion of dried fruits, our herbal infusions use only pure natural ingredients – caffeine free and contain no added sugar. It is the perfect refreshing accompaniment after a heavy meal.

For the fruit tea, I used to call it the fake ribena, because it kinda taste like it ! Hahahs. A mild sweetness which could wash away some of the more heavy tasting dishes, while keeping your taste bud active in tasting all those food !

It also acts like cooling herbal but in a taster way, and if I'm not wrong, it also help in digestion !

 Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat and Assorted Eggs 
干⻉贝三⾊色混蛋⾁肉碎粥  ($9.90)

This porridge reminds me of my ahma, as she loveeees to cook egg porridge or sometime congee (which is also known as the teochew porridge). I love how the congee is so smooth, yet thick. Together with those minced meat and the assorted eggs, which are century egg, salted egg and egg. If you are my friend, you should know I seldom eat century egg, but for this, it doesn't have THAT taste, by saying THAT taste, it simply mean the pee taste. So I enjoyed it real well, without picking out those century egg !

Rate: 4/5

 Premium Dried Scallop Porridge
干贝艇仔粥 ($9.90)

This is taste better than the assorted eggs, as this time round it's mainly seafood ! It consist of mainly three seafood; squid, fish and scallop ! Of course with the not missed "you tiao" ! All the ingredients are really fresh, as the fish won't feel break into like "powder" if you get me. Also, the scallops are pretty tasty !

Rate: 4.5/5

Premium Claypot
一品锅 ($19.90)

This dish is like all goodies packed into one ! It's like so damn good, especially the sauce which I also put it into my congee ! This claypot consist of abalone mushroom, scallop, sliced fish, prawn and fish maw ! Just by looking at it, it makes me so hungry like right now ! I miss biting the huge scallop, which taste different from the one in the congee, as this one absorb the sauce within the pot, with taste even juicier ! Also, loving those QQ abalone mushroom and prawn ! In addition, it is simple yet fresh dish. Feeling so healthy after eating this, perhaps because I ate those broccoli~ hahahs

Rate: 6/5 (I really love it ! )

 Honey Chicken

This is rather simple dish, but I bet all the kids will snatch it ! Each honey chicken pieces are mainly chicken and not flour like what most kopitam will do ! I really love the salty yet a little sweet sauce with the fried chicken bites ! However, it's a little hard for me to bite, like what I mention it's mainly meat and I'm on braces #ohwell. hahahs

Rate: 3.5/5 

 Steamed Scallop with Minced Garlic & Vermicelli

I loveee vermicelli and minced garlic ! This scallop totally absorb the taste of the garlic, and they also put a little caibo (like those preserved veg) on those the the scallop. It makes the rather tasteless scallop to be so flavourful, and I love the overall texture, it has the fried garlic, crunchy caibo, vermicelli and the soft scallop ! The garlic taste could be a little strong for some people, but not for me !

Rate: 4.5/5

  Deep fried pumpkin and lotus root with creamy salted egg sauce
咸蛋奶油⾦金⽠瓜莲藕 ($12.90)

This has to be one of my favourite ! I super-love pumpkin and salted egg sauce ! The lotus root is rather crispy, while the pumpkin is so soft on the inside yet crispy on the outside. It's like sooo delicious alright ! SO DELICIOUS ! The curry leave, brings out the salted egg taste even more ! A dish for the young and perhaps the adults too ! 

Rate: 6.5/5 !

Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce

This dish is suitable for the adults, the sambal sauce is not really spicy but it has the "ba-la-chang" taste. And the 4 main vegetable are eggplant (my fav), lady's finger, longbean and edamame ! This dish is cooked in the malaysia style, thus it has salted fish which I personally feel it enhance the "balachang" taste ! 

Rate: 3/5
Lastly, Aone claypot house has a lot of different outlet ! This one is taken at the Kallang wave one, which is their newest outlet if i'm not wrong. Also, their service was good as the auntie keep telling me not to pick up my dropped chopsticks, hahahs~ Also, I didn't took a look at the prices yet, thus I won't rate for the price, however, I am heading over to eat it again super soon ! So I will edit this ! Stay tuned !