Manna Story

Hello people ! Another food post before I fly to korea taiwan ! Do friend me on snapchat: tiffanylws, for more updates of my 12days taiwan trip !! Anyway, come back to the korean hotpot that personally feel it's quite worth the try ! 

A story where all hotpot taste right~ Okay, honestly we order like the cheapest one, hahahs ! Because we all are not really hungry, yet we should eat dinner.. so tata ! It's with my family #aladydayoutwithoutdad

The free side dishes ! I love the potato and the sausage dishes

Mul-Naengmyeon ($11.80)

Having the cold buckwheat noodles, which taste really not bad ! The soup have a slight clear beef taste, which is pleasantly tasty with the noodless ! And the noodles taste really Q too !

Budae Jijgae ($12.80)

This is really quite spicy, but quite shiok at the same time ! With the spicy stew made with kimchi, pork, ham, sausage, rice cakes, ramyeon and beancurd ! This is also served with 1 bowl of rice. The stew is enough for the 3 of them, it's quite a lot of ingredients !