Get up with Essential !

Hello everyone, yes including you guys ! Ready for another awesome product here?! I swear this is something I am already using but a new type of shampoo ! If you guys have like slightly oily scalp, yet dry ends (just like mine, thanks to those bad dye) then read on ! 

Are you all kinda conscious of how your hair smell like and how it might be smelly. Okay, people around me might already notice it, yes, I do have the habit to smell my own hair ! Hahahs ! Not being sick of what, but I'm just that self conscious and I smell it more than like 5 times a day?

Do you guys have like flat hair too? I love to do this whenever my hair gets a little too flat, to like volume it up a little. I do get flat hair despite it being so freaking  thick, omg ! But now with essential, there is no fear of flat or smelly hair !

Introducing the new Essential Light Finish Volumizing ! This is real good for flat hair ! My scalp are near to oily, due to the lack of *ahem* washing, that's why I'm kinda conscious about how my hair smell like. But after the wash, it feel pretty clean, as in not absolutely dry but a clean scalp. While the conditioner helps to fix the ends of your hair, which gives it a healthy look ! And of course, the real great smell from essential, who can we lie to when everyone knows how great Essential shampoo and condition are !

The condition is a little oily, but no worries ! After washing it off, flawless man lady flawless. A great volume up after your hair dry up !

Together with the massage shampoo brush (the pink one), which could thoroughly cleaned your scalp buildup (super suitable for people like me). Also, the real comfortable massage which helps in bloody circulation (like duh) and of course relaxation. You guys should know my manicure has been on since CNY? This super help in washing my hair as my manicure no longer pull my hair, and this also help those who just have their manicure on !

Now you can grab the pretty colourful (it comes in mint too ! ) shampoo brush with Essential banded packs (Shampoo and condition in 750ml - big bottle) in May'15 (THIS MONTH) at leading supermarkets and personal care stores (such as NTUC, WATSON) at only $19.60 ! Which is a real good deal !

If you guys wanna give it a try first, of course do get their free samples of Deep Cleansing Care shampoo and conditioner at ESSENTIAL, all you need to do is give them a big thumb up ! Also follow them on INSTAGRAM for more updates !

These are mine so grab yours today !
P.s/ Even I washed my hair and slept with it, the next day it's still has the volume, no joke !