Vietnam food; Mrs Pho

Xin Chao (hello), if google gave me the right answer to my search ! Anyway, this post will be a type of cuisine I never tried before, it's the Vietnam's food !! Their slogan is "feeds you like family", and it sure does ! Not sponsored, but went with my friend who gave it a search and we went to eat ! 

It's at a quite quiet place, which is nearer to Nicoll Highway MRT station, and its surrounding are pubs so do OPEN your eyes when you are searching for me ! Gosh, we walk rounds and rounds to find it ! Hahahs

Like most restaurant, they will give you the menu with some pictures and you will order it yourself. They are really friendly, cause we asked like 100 and 1 questions and they still answered them ! Hahahs ! With a smile of course ! So let's eat what we ordered !

Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Roll) - $3.50

The spring roll apparently is a must eat for Vietnam, totally not a veg person so I find the veg is a little too raw but then I love their sauce which cover the raw veg taste, with some seafood inside which is pretty decent. They have the fried pork spring roll, which I kinda regret not ordering that and this. hahahhs ! CAUSE I'M A MEAT EATER, AND MIGHT EAT U UP ! 

Nem Nuong (Hanoi Meat Balls) - $3.50

This is pretty yummy, as inside the meatball there are quite a lot of mixed taste, and one of the main taste is none other than pepper ! Hahahs ! Still pretty crunchy and delicious, together with those crashed peanuts on top of the meatballs. The sauce is the same as the fresh spring roll's. However, $3.50 for like 2 sticks of meatball, for the first taste would be okay, but not for the second I personally felt. 

Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup) - $7.90

For Vietnam food, I guess "clean" is the word to use. The soup do have taste, however it just make me feel so healthy and clean. The pho is like guo tiao (the thick white noodles) but it feel a little thinner and smoother ! It's quite a small portion, but after finishing a bowl, you feel full. WHAT IS THAT MAGIC MAN ! They gave a big portion of veg and chicken too ! Hardly any oil use, except those from the chicken? It should be consume immediately after they prepare, cause once it is cold, the story changed. It doesn't taste as nice ! 

Pho Bac Biet (special Beef combo noodle soup) - $8.90

I do not know what's the different of those beef noodles, since it's my first trip here, but this one taste real good ! Clean and the beef taste are in the soup ! The meat looks reddish but after a few more soak, it is well cooked for people who don't dare to eat slightly raw meat ! The beef is pretty decent, like sabu sabu, and everything taste like the chicken pho, just the soup and the meat is different (like duh right). Personally, I like this more than the chicken one, as the taste is richer than the chicken soup ! 

A pretty small place to contain the endless number of people, we came in like about 8.30? So after us there isn't much crowds anymore ! Thanks germaine for bringing me to try out the fooood ! They have their own website; MRS PHO so do check them out too #imcheckingthemoutnow

They operate till 10pm everyday except for Sunday, which they are closed ! We actually wanted to try them out the other day, which is a Sunday and found another cafe instead, LOL !


Their address:
349 Beach Road
Singapore 199570
Shophouse opposite Concourse

See you next time, have a full meal !
P.S/ The waiter and waitress are all Vietnamese