Tweekly; relationship

I know I haven't been blogging for ages, as too much content for me to upload and been editing my vlog. But I confirm at least one content will be up slowly each week ! So please stay with me as I sort out my 500 pictures ya~ 

Anyway, this week's topic is this super duper hard to pronoun word that I only saw today on Facebook. 

I always experience relationships gone bad, mostly is people who I really cherish pretty much, while some are just.. meh. Sometimes, I asked myself, is it me who make it so hard for the other party (be it my friend or more than friend), to stay by me. 

Most people will be there for you when everyone feel that you are that cool kid to tag along, however, when you show them you also have a quiet silence life, they drift away. I have to admit that I always portray the vibe that it's always fun to be with, the vibe where people feel I'm always crazy. But the fact is, I also love my alone time, especially in the morning. I'm the so-called "sociable-introvert", which means I could behave like an introvert as well as an extrovert who mix around like the cool kids #likeduh.

I am someone who always gone missing on my cellphone (except it's for work), otherwise receiving my text back requires some patience. Just ask my best friend, and he could reply you with all sort of complaints, but he's maybe someone who make me trust friendship till today. Because... hahah, he has seen my worst, like how I decided to be gangster and my extremely introvert moments. But I'm still really thankful for this friendship, my bride mate who will wear tutu next time, hahahs.  

People who don't know about me well, they feel that I neglect them, feel that I'm not that cool kid they actually think I am. Obviously, as time passed, not being such social butterfly, they flew off and left me hanging there. People always say I have a lot of friends, but truly speaking, my true friends could be counted by one or two hand. As much as I want to feel that I'm that well-known kid in town, but sometimes it's hard to stay high energetic level. 

However, thanks to this huge transition stage of my life, I really feel so much more contented and feeling the friendship around me are so real. This is the part where you know whether the friends you are with are the one to keep for life, are they your true friends. Now, I feel everything feel so unreal, yet so real. I could juggle with everything on my plate to nearly perfect. I'm really glad for everything that is in my life now. 

Trying not to be any sensitive bitch anymore, till next time.