Event: Panasonic

Hello every pretty human that still willing to stick with me ! So glad to be invited by omy and panasonic for this event ! Where we all get to learn a trick or two from Bryan Gan, who is on Lady First (女人我最大) !

He taught us pretty much stuffs other than the Panasonic items that even interests me to grab one despite being slightly broke #thankstomyschoolfee

He is holding a herb " white mu er" which I simply don't know what's that in English. But he really go all out, as we all are ladies and being so quiet that even pin drop you also can hear it. Thus, he joke pretty much and took out a lot of barang barang to show us !

This looks soooo GOOD for V-shape face ! I swear the way he life his face, you could see there is really effect ! Cause it really grab your skin and pull it up ! Both roller is minerals cut, thus washing is not encouraged nor the use of alcohol wipes.

I guess face steamer is not something unfamiliar among us, as even waston has it !

Bryan lao shi encourage the use of the face steamer daily, as it helps with to moisture your face, together with some essential oil and paste it on the top which feel the same, but it really smell nice~

Panasonic, why u no give me this?! This is the one that really interest me, as you guys know how badly I abuse my eyes. *ahem* just gotten eye infection again, like what?!!?!?! 

I swear I tried my best to take care of it, but I guess it's everything causing my eyes so so DRY~ Really hope to get this when Bryan is talking, and of course when I'm playing with it :( 

This also feel real good on skin ! OMG, CAN I JUST BUY ALL HOME? Hahahas ! As many know I have large pores around my T-zone, and this is so cooling which I feel it will be super goodie to close my large pores !

Million thanks to LaoShi Bryan, who also replied to my Facebook message regarding the cure for large pores ! In addition, thanks to panasonic and omy for such eye opener and breathing techniques, I seriously felt breathless after those breathing exercise ! LOL

Till my next post, bwe~