Hai Di Lao @ Clarke Quay

Ni Hao nommies ! Another Steamboat post, which is actually pending in my draft for like N months ago ! This is the first time we ate Hai Di Lao, during my elder sister b'day (like march~) till now. Clearing all my post caches before all the new one coming up. Planning to edit my vlog like real soon ! Please hold on till end of oct alright !! 

In Hai Di Lao, what you really eat is their service, they offer express manicure and snacks before the real thing starts. What is the worst thing is that, because they have these service, please be expected that you really need to WAIT if you didn't make any reservation. They are so damn packed with humans, eating the snacks, once the lift reached their level.

Since it is steamboat, of course it is sabu sabu meat slices, and it's really nice ! You can feel the freshness of the meat. Nommieeeee~ And others are also good. Liking the tomato soup base, cause it gives this refreshing taste and not so oily even after cooking the meat.

Order the noodle, if you want some performance. All their fish paste will be well-scooped and cooked for you ! So it is the service they are selling, and of course the food. The ambiance is pretty atas and huge spaces between tables !